Message box randomly times out and auto-deletes my message


This has happened so often now that I have to speak about it. When I am writing a private message on the app to HOs, it often would tap out and when I would go back in to resume, it has already erased my message and I would have to start from scratch again. I don’t take particularly long to write either, maybe 2-3 minutes tops as I think of what I am going to say. I am also quite fast at texting and typing.

Anyone else have this issue? I am now saving my message even partially done to my phone in case it gets auto-trashed again by the app.

Hello, @FreeSpiritManette Thank you for raising this, I am going to pass this on to the Tech team and will feedback to you.
Can you also confirm what device you have, the version and if you have the most up-to-date version of the app? Thank you

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Thank you, Carla! I have an iPhone 11 Pro, iOS 16.4, and I let the active apps, such as this one, auto-update on my phone.

@FreeSpiritManette Thank you and I will DM you as the tech team have a few more questions.