Messaging Owner once a sit is agreed


I’m a new sitter and 6 weeks ago I secured my first sit. The sit isn’t until September, but I thought it might be reassuring to the owner if I messaged them briefly to say that I hadn’t forgotten, I’ll honour my commitment and that I’m looking forward to looking after their dogs, cats and property, while they are on holiday. I do the same on HelpX.

I thought I’d remind myself of the owner’s profile, age and type of dogs etc and I was surprised that the period I’d arrange to sit for is no longer listed. Is this how the system works, that once a sit has been confirmed the dates are no longer displayed on the owner’s profile?


Have you looked at the conversation in your inbox? There should be a view listing link.

Yes. 10 characters. Yes.

No, I don’t see that. Only an acceptance message from the owner and as I said the agreed dates are no longer displayed on the profile, other dates are displayed.

You are correct that once confirmed, the dates disappear from their profile.

On your dashboard (Find the Perfect Pet Sitter! Home & Pet Sitting Made Easy | it shows your upcoming sits that are confirmed.



Thanks, that was a very clear and unambiguous reply.