Missing sits in sitter profiles

I have noticed there are some Homeowners profiles that look like a sit has taken place - names of sitter and dates showing.
Then when I go to the sitters profile who supposedly sat, there is no evidence of the sit.

Does this mean the sit didn’t take place or does a sit not show up in a sitters profile if there is no review given even though it shows in the owners profile?

I guess the sit has been done but the sitter has not left any feedback? Clicking on the sitter picture can you see a comment made by the owner ? If there is one, the sitter may have not liked the sit? And prefered to keep silent than leaving a bad comment ? Frightened future owners find the sitter mean.
It seems also some sits could not take place during Covid but were not officially cancelled by the owners so the dates are still on (my explanation, i may be wrong!)

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If that happens a lot with HOs (and the sitters are not repeat sitters) we consider that a red flag. Sometimes we look at the reviews the HO has given to the sitter (if any). Often a pattern emerges and we stay clear of that HO. Not sure if HOs can see sits that sitters did but didn’t receive a review for.

Its in our profile as sitters so most like in the HOs profile too.
These were sits that were agreed and later cancelled through the covid period. I think they were missed being cancelled on the website.
There can be other reasons where sits may be arranged & not go ahead also.
Hope this explains.

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Do sitters always wait for the owner’s feeback before sending theirs?
If an owner, or a sitter is very critical the sitter, or the owner may reply. But none can ever delete a comment published…

There are no comments otherwise I would know the sits took place :slightly_smiling_face:

My guess was that the sit went ahead but neither party left a review or feedback.
I don’t think it’s COVID related because of the dates but I just wanted to be certain incase there was another explanation.

As for leaving feedback,
I leave feedback within the first few days after I have finished sitting, irrespective of whether the owner has reviewed usnor not.

I have noticed this too and find it very strange and shady. Like a sit will show on either the HO or HS profile, then you click to see what one said about the other and there’s no countering evidence of a sit. What’s up with this?