Month-long sitters just cancelled for July

Hi @PatriciaUH and welcome to the forum, although for frustrating reasons. I’m going to tag @Therese who will contact you when she’s next online to review the cancellation with you, and in particular the reasons given for the cancellation. Please don’t reply here with that information, as it’s best handled privately by membership services.

By the forum criteria, it’s a little too soon to add your listing to the Last Minute section. As @BruceT has mentioned, it would be a good idea to add your listing to your forum username/profile. @Angela_L may jump in and do that for you, if she’s available.

You may also want to consider asking Angela to promote your listing on social media. If you’d like her to do that, you will need to direct message her with your consent. Here are some details about the social media option:

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