Multi pets with specific needs

Hi, new to the site and looking for advice from sitters before signing up for a membership…

My situation is quite different from your ‘standard’ can you look after my super well behaved lab for a week type members.
We live in a peaceful semi rural area in Scotland (between Perth and Dundee)
We have 7 dogs (3 house dogs, one being a neurotic shouty collie cross, a large Maine Coone cat and 4 huskies who live outside in kennels) Each have specific needs, like some are on medication and the collie cross can’t mix with the other dogs… The guys are akin to our children and as such we’re wary of leaving them so haven’t had more than 2 days away at a time in the past 25 years…

In general would sitters be unlikely to offer their services where the situation isn’t a straight forward sit or are there some of you willing to do a bit more?

Thanks for any replies!


I think there are so many experienced sitters that have had to medicate dogs and/or keep pets separated. If you offer to give a full introduction and a good write up of their habits, I’m sure you’ll find someone. Maybe describe how your collie cross is neurotic? :grinning: Are we looking at a dog that chews up anything in sight, or just one that wants to be close and talks to the humans?

I’m sure you’ll get some interest as long as you make your listing crystal clear to potential sitters. The location would be a big draw I think. Do the dogs need walking or do they get their main exercise on your land? How long can they be left for? Would it be suitable for a family?
You have to sell your home and the animals but be completely honest.

I’ve seen all sorts of listings and although some may not be a fit for me, I’ve seen that others have applied. You never know who will apply as long as it’s a win for them too


We’re sitters and we’ve had our own dogs in the past until ripe old ages, so medication doesn’t phase us at all. Also, we see ‘neurotic’ as ‘character’ :rofl:. I think there’ll be a lot like us on both those fronts. Your quantity of dogs wouldn’t suit us now as we are slightly older (just slightly), but I am sure there’ll be plenty on here that it will suit.

It is true that your sit will appeal to far fewer sitters than your average ‘one pet sit’. However, you only need one sitter to be interested, and seeing that there is a potential pool of tens of thousands of great sitters listed on trusted housesitters you still have a good chance of getting one sit for you and your menagerie.

Your listing is your shop window to tempt a potential sitter to want to come so use it wisely. Make sure your home is uncluttered and tidy then take at least one good photo of every room that the sitter will have access to.

Describe your pets and their needs accurately and also the area around your home. Is it accessible by public transport? If not, do you have a vehicle that a sitter could use during their stay? Is the Wifi strong? are their shops within walking distance? Don’t forget to mention local attractions that a sitter may want to visit.

Trusted house sitters offer a money-back guarantee for standard and premium members should you get no applicants so you have nothing to lose in trying - good luck!