Multiple dogs, short trips

I have four dogs, all around 8 years old and perfectly healthy, low need (feed them twice a day, one walk a day, fenced yard, they can be alone up to 8 hours). But one of them is a little tricky and will need to meet someone at least 5-6 times while I’m home so he can get used to them. I’d be willing to pay for those introductory visits.

I usually only travel for 3-5 days at a time. My house is on ten acres, 30 minutes from Asheville NC. Sitters would have ample time to explore the area while enjoying my very comfortable, clean home in a beautiful setting. I could provide a car. Does this sound like a situation that would be suitable for Trusted Housesitters?

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Hi @angelacora and welcome to the Forum.

I have actually done a similar sit back home in Scotland (2 dogs), where I met the owner beforehand (she paid for the initial short train journey) and then over a 2 month period, I sat for her 4 times for periods varying from a couple of nights to 10 days.

Use of a car is a great thing for a sitter, although if your sit is a bit remote to get to in the first place the sitters would probably use their own transport.

I have also recently completed a sit where the dog was an older rescue, and was very protective of the owners, especially the lady, and I met them several times before the sit, at their home a couple of times, and on walks.
It was a couple of days before the dog fully accepted me after the owners left, but after that, we had a wonderful 2 months of walks and time together.

So as long as you are clear and honest in your profile/listing about your requirements and about your pet’s behaviour, you should have no problem attracting sitters - you may even find someone interested in repeat sits, so that would be a great solution.

I wish you all the best with your search and look forward to seeing your listing on THS.


Multiple dogs are a joy for me - watching and interacting with several dogs at a time is fun- have done many 2 dog sits, 2 3 dog sits (1 was 2 bernedoodles and a flat coat - so about 200 lbs of dogs total), and a 5 dog sit. All were enjoyable.
I base in Chapel Hill, so meeting your guys in advance of the sit would be possible, depending on dates.
I’ll watch or your listings.


I agree, some of our best sits have been with 4 dogs. There’s a very different dynamic when there’s a pack of dogs and I just love watching their interactivity and behaviours together. Such fun to be around and engage with.

It does sound like your trickier pup will necessitate the need for a local sitter who is able to and wants a regular house sit. But that said, people house sit for all sorts of reasons, sometimes they also need a short break from their lifestyle, so I think if you are upfront, as you have been here, there’s every chance you’ll find someone. Maybe @toml :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed: :dog2: :guide_dog: :poodle: :dog2: