Multiple Sits w/ Differences

I am going on two trips this summer. For the first, I’m leaving my car behind & sitter can use it, one the second, I’ll be taking my car. For the first sit, the local city pool will be open, by the time of my 2nd sit, the pool will be closed for the season.

So, when editing my listing for these sits - which I listed at the same time, is there a way to have “car available” checked of for the first sit but not the second? Same with the pool. Or do I need to write out the dates that car & pool are available to make it clear that the July sit offers a car and a pool but August sit does not?

Hi @GardenCat

Thank you for the question.

The present system does not accommodate the differences you mention within the same listing, or even within the Welcome Guide. The best way, is to stipulate this within a written paragraph.

I hope this helps.

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Thank you, Therese. That’s what I thought. Appreciate the confirmation.