My listing is not shown

I joined a month ago as a home owner, a number of folk have liked and saved my sit, but I have received no response from one of them who I invited to a sit. A simple yes or no is all that is needed?

But I cant see my property listed, under the nearest village that I have stated, though other properties in the same village are listed. also a neighbour who has joined after me is listed and my property isn’t. I have tried a wider search and it is still not showing, no wonder no one is responding to my dates?

This is not the first time I have not been able to see my listing, but thought it was just a blip.

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Hello @Rafa4ever and a warm welcome to the forum. I have taken a look at your listing and it does seem that if you search the village you’ve specifically mentioned in your listing it doesn’t show. I’m going to pass this over to membership services so that they can take a look and help you with this. Hopefully you’ll be back on the map very soon.

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