My midlife challenge!

I began House Sitting a couple of years ago and love it. I was recently featured in an article in Prima magazine in the UK - attached. Might be a useful read for anyone new / thinking about sitting.!


Hi Gilly @gillyh Welcome to the Forum and thank you for sharing your 15 mins of fame in Prima, it was a great article well worth a read for aspiring sitter members … will motivate and inspire!

Enjoy the conversations and meeting other members … and thank you for joining.

Have an amazing day.

Angela and the Team

Welcome Gillyh :wave:

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Welcome @gillyh ! Congrats on the feature!!

House sitting is simply an amazing way to see the world. We’ve added in ‘travel hacking’ to our methods and have been able to have so many amazing adventures and experiences without breaking the bank.

Are you currently sitting? Where in the world are you? :slight_smile:

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