My sitter cancelled last minute. Can anyone help?

@Philippa22 Thank you for coming back to the forum with an update. We enjoy good news and happy endings. It’s encouraging for those who take the time to share their feedback. I hope Bill appreciates you, and her new friend. :heart_eyes:

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Hi @Philippa22 that is wonderful news thank you for the update and as @Snowbird says

Have a wonderful trip and do let us know how it goes … :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hi Vanessa,

After approaching about 20 or more sitters, we have now found a couple! Success.
It was remarkable how many sitters hadn’t updated their availability - maybe something for the newsletter….

Delighted it all worked out

Best wishes,


Hi Rolf - I’ve just switched on my computer after driving back down through France from UK today and saw this! That’s wonderful news. It does seem to be taking a little longer at the moment but I am glad your sit is now filled! You are right about updating availability… we will chat with our content manager and see if it can be included in Trusted Times as you suggest!

Enjoy the snowy?? (it is here) weekend and your upcoming trip!! All the best, Vanessa


Congratulations on finding a sitter! Just so you know for the future, the THS calendar is considered not very user-friendly by many sitters, so many do not use it. You can see many comments on the forum about the calendar. Plus, even if it was better, there are lots of sitters who are “available”, but only looking for sits in a specific area.


Our sitter just cancelled and I’ve read and am following up on the actions listed here: to find a new sitter. However, after I unconfirmed and made sure our listing was active, when I searched I saw that our sit doesn’t “show at the top of relevant searches” as it says. And with respect to the invitation at the end to be in contact with the Membership Services team, I didn’t find any link, email or other way I’m supposed to do that so posting here for assistance.

Our sit is still 3.5 weeks away, but it is over a month long and so I know it could be very hard to find someone with sufficient availability at this stage to help. Can you let me know what can be done on your side, as I’m reaching out to previous applicants? Unfortunately, most of them are no longer available, so I’m afraid our best avenue is going to be through it at least popping up in the “new” feed so it doesn’t get buried where people might think they’ve already seen it. Thanks.

Hi @PenniT I’m sorry to hear that your sitter has cancelled and yes you have taken the right steps to get your sit up and active again.

You can add the listing link into your Forum profile this will allow other forum members to view your listing and may be able to contribute helpful feedback, this link will explain how you can do that How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile

We can also share on our Social Media Channels but need your permission to do that, you can DM me the details.

I know the most important thing for every pet parent is having your pet’s care confirmed but there is still time, you are in a wonderful location and a month long sit will be attractive to many sitters.

Thanks, Angela! I’ve added it to my profile. And yes, I think it would be helpful to have it posted to social media and any other way to boost it’s visibility. DM sent.

Dates: June 2-15 (can be flexible a day or two on either end if need be)
Location: Boring Oregon
Country: USA
Link to Listing URL:

My sitter just canceled! I have a sweet German Shepherd and 10 happy chickens who are pretty easy to care for. This is my first sit with THS and so far it has been quite stressful. The sitter who canceled was my only applicant, so I don’t have past applicants to go back to. I reached out to over 10 local sitters or people that had favorited my sit with no luck. At this point I’m hoping that I will be able to make arrangments for my animals so we can still go on our family vacation to Yellowstone. I’m waiting to hear back from our local kennel, so that if I don’t have any applicants in the next few days we have a back up plan (and here’s to hoping the cancellation insurance will kick in). Thanks for any help or interest you may have in my listing :slight_smile:

Just to say that the dates you’re advertising on the website are 19-24 July, not June.

I wonder if it’s June and she just hasn’t gone through the full cancellation process with her sitter yet, and/or she hasn’t reposted the dates properly yet?

Ugh. I’m sorry your sitter flaked out. I know it was a struggle. I can’t do it but I wish you luck.

HI @Smiley thank you for flagging closing this post and picking up with the owner.

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Update June dates are correct …

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Is it possible to promote my listing on your social media? I saw in the forum that you guys do that for last minute sits sometimes.

Hi Chantelle. I’m tagging @Angela_L but she needs a direct message from you for your approval to promote on social media. Please click on her name here and then message her using the green envelope icon and she’ll see that when she’s next online.

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My sitters for February have just cancelled due to exceptional circumstances. We have a holiday booked and paid for and need care for our two dogs, one of which is quite nervous. I’ve unconfirmed the sit so that it will list again, and contacted a number of local sitters. Any other suggestions? Anyone on here interested in a sit in Durham?

I’d just say you have plenty of time so try not to worry too much, although it is very upsetting to have a cancellation.
I strongly suggest that you link your listing (and profile) here.
Also, if you use key words (such as ‘sitter cancelled) in the spy glass in the top right hand corner to search you’ll find plenty of suggestions to help you. Here’s one of many:

And this will help you link your listing on the forum