Navigating bad review

I have also had one similar terrible experience. I could barely believe anyone would call me a lying drunk after having stolen my money and used and abused my home and contents and then say that the place was infested. It is not easy to get over but I have just had such a lovely lady sitter who has restored my self esteem and my belief that people are basically good. Hopefully, we have both had the “bad apple” and there are no more in the barrel.

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Since several people have commented on the less than five stars for the previous Housesitter, he was tidy and took good care of my cats as I said in my review. To his credit he told me my 16-year-old dog was barking one night “all night” ( not normal ) yet he never even checked on her until the morning (she was ok). I thought this was neglectful to the point I nearly drove home from LA but thankfully, my sister went over to take my dog until I came home a week later. He was very happy to have her removed from his care. Rather than ding him in his review, I opted to not even mention my dog, and give him one less star.

After that experience, and with the following Housesitter’s behavior I still opted to say less not more until I had to respond. I still don’t Think the ant situation was anything near what she claimed since she didn’t remove the ant bodies which was entirely her cleaning style.
Lastly, my neighbor was the one who tipped me off about the garbage cans not being placed out for collection. I had told her they needed to go out because the gardener fills the bins every week so he can do his work the following week.

Thank you all for your amazing help wading through all these issues and words. I truly truly appreciate it. I’ve accepted the situation and whatever consequences will come. For now I am moving on. Thanks again!

This is the reason why THS needs to stop messing with all their other upgrades and launch Airbnb style review system.