Need advice re: unresponsive confirmed sitter

Hello Everyone!
My name is Sue and I’m pretty new to all of this and have only used the service one time previously.

I need some advice as I have a confirmed house/pet sitter and we have been trying to contact her with no luck at all. We have sent an email through Trusted HouseSitters, her personal email, texting and calling her leaving messages. Our sitter was driving from Ontario and we haven’t heard anything for a month. We are getting quite worried and hope nothing has happened.

We will be away in January for approx. 5 weeks and we are quite concerned.

Any advice on this would be very helpful.

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I’d contact THS support as a month seems a long time without getting a response.


One month and no replies? Have you heard of gosthing ? Unfortunately it’s very common especially among young people… In any case perhaps it’s time to look for another sitter


Thank you for that suggestion. I will do just that!!

Yes, I was thinking of that as well. May have to put out some feelers to have a Plan B. Thanks for that!!

I’m curious about this. Because being on TH requires paying a non-trivial amount of money. Ghosting just seems unlikely. That said, I have noticed unresponsive HOs and heard about unresponsive sitters.

@Sue2: Yes, please contact Membership Services. Hopefully they can shed some light.

Of course, there are two levels of concern here: One for the sitter as a human being, and one for you getting a sitter. While you wait to hear from Membership Services, I guess you could ping the sitter on all channels again, letting her know that if you don’t hear back within a day, you’ll sadly have to start looking for another sitter.


Thank you so much for your input. I will try contacting her again tomorrow through all channels. Much appreciated!!

This may be morbid, but honestly, unless they’re physically incapacitated, there’s no reason not to reply within a MONTH. Ghosting is very, very far worse than cancelling the sit with an explanation. I couldn’t imagine not replying to any of the different messages sent to me from a single person no matter what emergency I am in, unless I physically couldn’t do it. And given that they’re not crazy.

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If I were you I’d definitely look for another sitter. A lady I sat for for 5 weeks couldn’t get any response from her confirmed sitter up to 3 days before the sit was due to start. He had sat for them briefly before but he just seemed to disappear. You never know what might have happened. Membership services will likely get no response either as they’ve the same contact info as you no doubt. The owner posted the sit here on the forum and on Facebook. @Vanessa-PartnershipsMgr was extremely helpful and she got another sitter. To date she still doesn’t know what happened to her original sitter.
You have more time to secure another sitter. Good luck!


If it’s ghosting, it is wrong on so many levels: They might have opted for a ‘better’ sit and didn’t have the courage to tell you because they might not want to face confrontation…so they just disappeared.
If not ghosting, yes, then concern for their wellbeing as well as your plans…

Seriously, in this day and age we are frequently online, even if we’re on holidays. We respond within 4-6 hours and expect the same from HO’s. If it’s not happening, it just grating and frankly, it makes me uneasy. It’s not as if you’re corresponding the whole day long. A quick message here, a quick response there and it’s done, you might not hear from each other again for days/weeks. It should not be that hard!!


Thank you so much for your feedback and advice. I have reached out to THS and have gotten one of their team members to try to contact her. She actually was quite supportive and also suggested to start looking for another sitter.
Too bad this has happened but I’m still very concerned about her well being. Hopefully we will hear back on what has happened and if not I guess we will just move on.


Yes I totally agree with you on the ghosting thing. We are of the same mind that it only takes a few minutes to reply to someone as a check in. We used to have a vacation rental and we always kept in touch with our renters to make sure we were all on track and nothing has changed. Easy peasy!!

I really hope that our confirmed sitter is OK and nothing bad has happened. Fingers crossed.
I have reached out to the support team and they are trying to get in touch with her as well but have not heard anything back as of yet.

Thanks for your feedback!!

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Yes I agree with you on this. There should be no reason for not getting back to someone even if it’s a short response. I really hope it’s nothing devastating.
I’ve been in touch with the support team and they are trying to contact her. Hopefully she will respond. Thanks for your input!!

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So here is the update. Our Sitter has contacted us and came for a visit. All good between us and arrangements are still in place. The Support Team was very helpful and she did respond to us after being notified by them.

I want to thank you all for your advise with this issue and it was really appreciated :slight_smile:


I would drop her like a hot brick!!! Find someone else.

@Sue2: I’m so glad your sitter is alive! And came for a visit! Christmas miracle! =)

But I’m honestly puzzled. To edify the rest of us, can you explain more?

  • Why didn’t the sitter reply for a month?
    • (In another forum topic, the HO had accidentally blocked the sitter’s cell. So what seemed like the sitter being flaky was actually the HO’s mistake. <doh!>)
  • If this situation were to happen to you again, what steps would you take? How long would you wait to take them?
  • Or will you take certain steps to reduce the risk of a similar situation in the future?