Need Checker not Sitter

I need someone to check on my home while I’m away but I don’t need overnight stays. I will need an overnight petsitter for our 2 cats later this year, just not on this first trip.

Where is the best place to find help with this? If not this site then where?

Possibly a sitter could do this while attending another house in the area.
I just need a daily safety check inside and out.

I also need lawn mowing, but I understand this is normally not included with sitting services, so I’ll likely hire someone else for this. Front yard only, 3,000 sq. ft.

Thanks in advance for your consideration and advice.

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or other sites where you can find pet care that you pay for.
There are many local services I’m sure you could find.

As mentioned, you could try Rover or you could post on neighborhood Facebook groups (or other social media such as Nextdoor in the US) to find a recommendation.

Thank you.

Thank you.

I would have thought that putting on local Facebook groups that you’re going to be away from home would be a somewhat risky thing to do personally…….


Mowing the lawn and watering and even weeding and raking leaves are sometimes included in duties. It is all a balance.

If you don’t mind someone staying in your home while you are gone in exchange for mowing the lawn, I don’t see why you couldn’t list on THS as a “no pets” Sit.

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Thank you. I’ve been able to find a house sitter through but still needing to find someone to mow. I’ve had bad luck with these services in the past due to no-shows while I’m away.

If you are in the US, I’ve had good luck with finding a person through
I will pay them $20 through Venmo once the lawn is moved.

Possibility for a mower: Have you checked with neighbors on which service they use? That might work if they’re willing to just tack you on extra since they’re in the neighborhood anyway. That’s how we’ve landed landscaping services, though we use them continuously, not sporadically. And they’re legit businesses, not some random person, so they have crews and routine appointments. Like ours at two houses in different areas will email us if they’re going to change their appointment due to inclement weather, etc. They don’t just no-show. And they offer additional seasonal services, such as aeration, mosquito treatment, etc.

Thanks. I’ll keep them in mind.

Thanks. My neighbors mow their own yards like I do. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for lawn service vehicles in the area.

Also might be worth checking TaskRabbit. I’ve not used them for mowing, but the services we needed were done well. They connect you with folks who do various tasks and they’re reviewed by people who’ve hired them previously. (We’re in the U.S.)

Good idea, but the feedback I read about these online services is bad regarding follow-up and problem resolution.

YMMV. I’ve not encountered problems, but I screen the specific people I want to hire — those have long track records. I’ve used the same people repeatedly. They’re terrific at turning up, doing the job conscientiously. Like one of the folks I’ve hired repeatedly teaches school f/t and earns money on the side via TaskRabbit. His reviews are stellar and even the first time we worked with him, we could tell he was top notch. And he’s done way more jobs than any THS sitter I’ve heard about.

Thanks. I’ll keep an open mind about them. Glad I joined this site. Lots of great advice.

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