Need Help With Your Owner Listing?

I’m following up here to say I did receive an email from the tech team working on this bug, but no email yet to say it has been resolved. Thank you.

@LemonLime Thank you for the update. If you reply to the email they sent you and ask for an update it will go straight back to the person dealing with your case. The email address if you do not have that email is
If you need me to ask Membership Services to reach back out to you just let me know :smile:

Thank you Carla!

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How to attract sits to and make it stand out from other…

Great photos of your pets and where the sitter will sleep, eat, and possibly work. A few details about cool areas to tour and exactly when you need them there, when they can depart, and if you could state in your listing that the home will be clean for their arrival. If you could also notated that you don’t have internal audio video devices active, that would be terrific

@janet is this a question or a topic that you have some ideas to share ?

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@Silversitter, I would like to make my sitters feel comfortable with their sits.… I have an edible garden that has tomatoes, zucchini, cucumber, peppers etc for you to have while you sit. I also make a loaf of Sourdough for my sitters and best part is my 2 sweet dogs who love to play ball in the backyard.

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@janet , your sit sounds great - if it’s been listed for a while have you tried boosting it ?

Thanks for your help, This was my 3rd boosting, and still have no sitters… I’ve reached out to a few locals and they all said no…
I’m at a loss. I was trying to see if someone was sitting close by and after could do our sit…i just don’t know how to see that.

Hi @janet, I’ve just clicked on your listing and my immediate thought was the first photo of your vegetable boxes is most likely not going to attract sitters as it is the pets and home that we are interested in. So why not use a photo of your lovely dogs as your first photo? You will need to put it in the Home photo section to be able to use it as that first photo that catches sitters’ eyes. All the best.

@janet I love your raised bed gardens!! I so miss gardening. If I were in your area I would totally apply

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@janet I think your listing is great, and I am sure you will find someone. Your second and third sets of dates span Thanksgiving and Xmas, and perhaps someone who wants to visit family in your area would be drawn to those dates. Just a thought—I would actually put your location as Rancho Cordova rather than Sacramento. Your listing should still come up for someone who searches “Sacramento,” but it might be easier to find for someone who specifically wants Rancho Cordova or Folsom (to visit family, for instance).

I would change your first pic to one of the dogs. You have a Golden! My absolutely favorite breed. The pair of them would be a huge draw for me, to at least look at the listing, even if we weren’t actively planning to be in the area. The garden is beautiful, but I would consider it secondary (but then, I don’t have a green thumb).

I did have a pic of my sweet dogs but someone else suggested a different pic to make it more inviting. I’ll do whatever pic I would just like to attract more sitters haven’t received one yet…thanks for your advice

I see you have 2 applicants for each of your sets of dates @janet so that is promising. I do hope they are suitable.

Thanks for your suggestion…Yeah, I tried that before also… but I thought this would cover a broader area if coming to Sac. I’ll add Rancho next to it.