Needing sitter for December

I am needing a sitter for December for my dog and two birds. I’ve had a few applicants but one never responded, and a few were guys which I think my dog would prefer a female and the last two gals seemed really interested then declined by saying work obligations came up. I’m starting to wonder. I live on Folly Beach and in the summer I had many more applicants. I’m getting a little nervous but I’m still staying in good energetic thoughts I will still find the perfect person. Perhaps help boosting my listing somehow?


I recommend removing the “sitters need a car” tag. Even without the golf cart that you offer, your house is very close to amenities, according to the listing. many sitters scroll past listing that state that a car is needed.

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You’ve had a few applicants. Why do you think your dog might prefer a female? Can’t you give one of the guys a try? Might be less stressful

Hi Lisa! Similar to what @Smiley said: Why not give a guy a try? You don’t say any preference in your listing. If you’re that sure, why waste half the sitters’ time?

Or if you’re on the fence, you could say in your listing, “I think Eli may prefer a female because of X. If you’re a male and think you’ll get along with Eli, please try to convince me!” Something like that.

I might also say more about Eli’s personality, to aid all sitters. All I can see in the listing is that he’s a 10-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier. One of your reviews helps, but you can’t expect others to read that.

It makes sense that you’d get many more applicants in the summer. I don’t know what the weather’s like there. If it’s not too bad, maybe you can clarify that. Like, “Even though I’m looking for a sitter in December, the temperature is still X °F/°C. And the water temp is Y. Great for a brisk jog, paddle board, etc.” Some people don’t realize how much warmer the Atlantic is compared to the Pacific. (So I’ve heard; I’ve mostly been on the West Coast.)

Back to the weather: People may be wary of being trapped in a 220 sq ft apartment with two birds and a dog in freezing weather. I don’t know your space, but you can try to ameliorate that. Like, “fireplace works great!” or “plenty of great places to hang out during the day.”

Good luck!


Well said Geoff. Very helpful I’m sure to @Freyafae999


It seems an odd thing to say that you THINK your dog would prefer a female. Writing it like that makes it look like it is actually you that would prefer a female .

Also - “**One thing to note is that this space is really more suitable for one person who isn’t too tall as the ceiling is a bit low” - this is far too ambiguous, if the ceiling is unusually low you need to be more specific, how low is a bit low?


One of the guys who I was going to contact because he applied first is no longer available. I suppose I have to edit the listing to describe the weather in the winter months better. I am new to this and very picky regarding who keeps my dog as he’s very sensitive and we are very attached to one another and he just got diagnosed with cancer. I would have never planned this trip if I had known. He’s doing fine on steroids and should be ok for about 6 months is what the vet says.

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What a horrible situation for you to go through, with his diagnosis. I’m so sorry. Hope you find the perfect sitter!


Thank you yes it’s so sad :sob:. I actually just got in touch with the first person who applied that is a local guy so will see how it goes…


@Freyafae999: I’ll just ask this, and I’ll try to be tactful.

First off, I’m sorry about Eli’s cancer. Everybody knows someone who’s gotten cancer—my mom had brain cancer and died in 2020—but it’s still a unique, tough journey each time.

Lisa, do you think this time paying for a sitter might be more appropriate? If I were in your shoes, I might feel guilty that I’m going on vacation, because I wouldn’t have booked the trip if I had known my dog had cancer. But I also don’t want to cancel the vacation. Maybe I need a vacation. But then I might project my guilt onto my sitter, male or female. Sure, the sit could still go fine. But if something unexpected happens, I might not respond as calmly as I would normally. That could result in a bad experience for the HO, sitter, and pets.

At the very least, if I were going to be your sitter, I would want to know about Eli’s cancer and your mindset ahead of time. And to save time—and respect all the applicants’ time—you could just put that in your listing. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find someone who also had to go thru their dog’s cancer, and they can roll with the punches better.

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I just got a second opinion on Eli from a vet who does alternative and mainstream medicine. I would NEVER leave my dog if I thought he wasn’t going to be ok. She put him on steroids and said he’s got 6 months or longer to live and live comfortably. We are also going to do mushrooms and other herbs down the road. So it’s all under control. He’s eating really good and his lymph nodes are already going down. It was caught early. If anything changes prior to my trip I will reconsider everything. And I actually reached back out to the first guy who applied.


Hi Freya
You are the person who knows your dog the best and if you think he would do better with a female sitter don’t compromise. I know as a sitter I have certain things that any sit I take must have and I would not be comfortable even though everything else is perfect. I’m assuming pet parents are exactly the same.
I hope you find your perfect sitter soon.