"New" ad but "no sitter needed" when watch the ad!

This morning, THS sent me an e mail matching with my saved searches,

I open the link but I can’t apply as the ad has underneath "currently no sitter needed"

How is that possible ?

Sit has already been accepted? I find the same thing with these alerts that sits are available in my saved areas. When I click on the link, there are already up to 10 - 15 applications! This is even when I receive the link and click on it immediately.

Hi @Provence

Thank you for raising a great question.

First to provide some clarity on our saved search emails and notifications. The emails are currently sent out once a day, so if the listing was made live at 8am for example you would not receive the alert until the email goes out, allowing others currently checking the site to apply first. This email will be sent based on the saved searches you made via the website.

The app sends notifications at quarter to the hour (8:45, 9:45 etc) if there are listings matching your search, this is for sitters who want more regular alerts to sits. These alerts come from saved searches made on the app.

Unfortunately, sometimes owners may list their dates and receive enough applications that they pause their dates, delete their dates or confirm a sitter - these all result in the ‘currently no sitter needed’ shown. In this instance the owner meant to create private dates but unfortunately created public dates however already had a sitter lined up.

I am sorry for any inconvenience caused. If you have any other questions please let me know.

Kind regards


Well Katie, there is another thing quite strange

Even if I had seen this ad was no longer valid, I wanted to put a heart on it, so I wanted to go back to search, indicating the name of the town “Servoz” , but it’s written “no house …” but it did not appear

But when I opened the application on my mobile I found the ad, still in that corner “may need a sitter soon

Question : why the informations are not equal on the web site and the app ??

More curious, I read deeply the ad again, found informations about the owner who explains he works on mechanics, in another village he named, so with yellow pages it’s easy to find his phone.

Looking at his former sitter, I found one who contributes a lot on this forum and on hers…As she was there at Xmas, as she’s back in France, I guess she is the one who has been selected in a few hours…

@Provence thanks for raising this we should show sits without current dates. So thanks for raising and will investigate. Ben

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WoW Provence. Je ne pousse jamais autant mes recherches concernant une assignation. Vous avez des antennes de :male_detective: détective.

J’ai été journaliste 35 ans … et ce n’était pas très compliqué
1 dans son annonce le proprio disait être mécanicien, donnait le nom du village où il travaillait. Il n’y a qu’un seul garage dans le village en question
2 son dernier sitter était reconnaissable par son prénom et son commentaire
3 elle disait vouloir revenir
4 sur son forum et sur celui-ci elle expliquait qu’elle était de retour en France
5 je ne suis pas allée lui demander si c’est bien elle qui y va
En tout cas je trouve curieux ces différences entre l’application et le site