New guy - travel and having pets doesn't mix well

Hi. My name is Garey and I retired just about one year ago. Sold my home in IL and moved to my dream location - Sedona AZ, more specifically the Village of Oak Creek which is just south of Sedona (still a Sedona address). I absolutely love it here. The weather is great and the views are spectacular. I had planned originally, that when my two elderly dogs passed, I was selling the house and traveling the world. However, I help foster dogs and wound up adopting two young beautiful girls that needed homes (being in the midst of a pandemic did not help matters), so enter Plan B, and I moved to the location of my dreams. Next step was to figure out how to travel and raise my girls. Then I found TrustedHousesitters and have used them with success three times now and just entered another (short) trip. Thank you all of you pet sitters who want to sit for us travelers. I hope to meet some of you someday when you sit for my girls.


Hi Garey, @NAZDad, welcome to the Forum.

When My last 2 boys passed in 2017 that’s when started to travel.

I mostly travel in SE Asia, and it is amazing how many of the people I sit for are the same as you!
Most have come to this part of the world and then taken on a rescue or 2.

Probably 90% of the 51 dogs I have looked after in the last 4 years have been rescued, where the owner has moved either with work or retired, but still want to travel “home” once a year or so - most of my sits are a month or more when owners go back to Europe, Australia, Canada, USA.

So it is a great way for both owners and pet sitters to travel the world.



Welcome @NAZDad AKA Garey and congrats on your retirement and dream relocation! Sedona always looks idyllic to me… but keeps eluding me despite several almost visits :slight_smile: It’s a wonderful thing you’ve done fostering and adopting… please share a photo with us of your girls, and we hope that we will one day help you with sitters from our amazing community of members at TrustedHousesitters. All the best and happy continued travels!


Attached is a picture of my two sweet girls.


@NAZDad They look gorgeous!! Thank you for sharing with us :slight_smile:


Hello @NAZDad and welcome to the forum from beautiful Sedona :heart:
Also happy retirement)) …Your two girls look absolutely gorgeous.
We especially love Sedona, I cannot really explain why but it just captivates us


Hi Garey welcome. Sedona is a magical place and I’m sure your girl’s love it too. Keep on trailblazing :paw_prints:


Thanks. It is a magical place. I was just drawn to it immediately.

Hi Garey and welcome. Your girls look adorable. Sedona is on my bucket list for some point in the future, I’ve seen so many stunning photos of the area.

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