New HO Here. Do sitters like Reno, NV?

Hi, Sitters. I want to join THS; I need a sitter for about a month in April and I have a cute house in Reno, NV. Is that a place that sitters want to go to? Or do people mainly want big cities or resorts? I am close to skiing and the river and the house is cute. If I have a good shot at getting someone to watch my cat I’ll join. Thak you fr anything you can tell me.


Hi @Gin-Freeman. I would think Reno would be a pretty big draw. Also, you never know what might attract sitters to an area (visiting relatives, considering relocating). People on this site are also very willing to help you develop a really engaging profile.

I’d consider Reno. Probably want use of a car.
But already confirmed for most of 2022, though.

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That’s great; thank you. I guess I’ll sign up.

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Good to know. Thank you. I do have a car available.


Reno is a great base to visit Tahoe and other attractions. That would appeal to many people, and there may be some who like being near casinos.

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Thank you. I’m joining now.

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Hi @Gin-Freeman welcome to our community forum and

to TrustedHousesitters thank you for joining us from Reno and absolutely agree with every comment posted. Our members are incredibly helpful and knowledgeable as you have discovered, if you have any questions please just ask.

Angela and the Team

Reno is a fabulous place to pivot to the mountains, lakes, tahoe is so close, trails, desert. Highlight those aspects in your listing @Gin-Freeman.
A vehicle included is definitely a good plus cause there is so much beauty to explore there. I used to live in Quincy which is down a ways but absolutely gorgeous to explore.

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I have seen a few other sits in the Reno area. So, I think there must likely be a market for it. I even saw a sit recently for a tiny town of 1200 people near my hometown in “No where ville” Indiana. :sweat_smile:

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