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@HelloOutThere This is THS latest way to get you to write them a review on Trust Pilot! They have, ofcourse, not personally read your review- its just an auto message :wink:
At least now it is sent after both reviews are published so its clear they want a revuew of THS itself whereas before it used to confuse (some) people and they’d end up writing a review of the sit directly on Trust Pilot instead of the relevent member page…:woozy_face:

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I think i found a fault in this new system of reviewing. I am on a pet sit just now, almost at the end of agreed 19 days but due to the dog developed a severe separation anxiety (owner is away for 2 weeks now and i don’t think the dog was ever left for so long and though i had stayed with him many time before, it was usually weekends and once a week), dog is now is constantly barking when i leave and that annoys neighbours, they complained to the owner and after a check with me, owner decided that i should be staying all the time with the dog, and if i need to do groceries- then max an hour i can be away! It is about 30mins drive to groceries! And! I can’t go out more than once a day! These requests were new and not agreed beforehand, and since I’m
living and working in the same city, i have to go to the office sometimes and have friends to meet too that i was denied.
We have agreed that tomorrow owner’s friend will come to stay with the dog and i can be relieved as i couldnt commit to stay always with the dog (dog is also old and cant walk much and that was limiting my physical needs too, if i could no longer go for a walk or run on my own!).
My point is - the owner posted new dates after our agreed dates, but if i leave the review, and the onwer won’t do that for some time, new applicants won’t know about the dog’s anxiety issues as the advert wasn’t updated to reflect the issue…

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Such owners need paid petsitting.

No way this is an equitable exchange. THS should throw them out.


@mititeika I understand your concerns that with the new system your review might not be published until 14 days after the sit . And that the next sitters are due to arriving before this so won’t see you review . Unfortunately there is nothing you can do about that .

However, you can raise a member dispute right now, you don’t have to wait until the sit has ended - THS will investigate and may remove the member or at least tell them to update their listing so that it is accurate .

In this case the dispute is that the listing was not accurate and the pets behaviour was not disclosed prior to the sit starting .

You will need to submit “evidence “ - screenshot the listing and welcome guide as they appear now ( as owner can edit them at any time and you won’t be able to access the previous version )
Screenshot the phone messages etc between you and the owner .

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New applicants will know about the problems if you mention it in your review, assuming they do their due diligence and read the reviews.

I think the sitter was referring to a possible lag in the host posting a review, which would mean that in the interim any applicants for upcoming sits wouldn’t see this sitter’s review, because it wouldn’t be published till the host did their review or two weeks lapsed following the sit.

Yes, in that case, if the listing hasn’t been updated and the reviews take the full two weeks after the current sit, then other sitters would be in the dark when applying. And would stay that way unless the host told them beforehand.


Not quick enough for those who applied for the days straight aftrt my sit! If it’s the 2 weeks wait for my review to appear if the owner doesn’t leave her review straight away, and even then - it’ll be the same day as a new petsitter should come.

Yes! It’s what i mean! The new sit days are straight after my agreef last day as the owner is away for another few weeks.

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I can understand your concern for the next sitter. I’d feel the same. You want to warn them. Unfortunately you have no control about this and cannot protect them at this stage. But once your honest review is posted it will help inform other future sitters. One can only hope the next sitter will ask the right questions and that HO does not lie or mislead them. Or better still that the host will update their listing and WG- in time- to reflect the situation more accurately.

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In your place, I’d see how quickly I could push the dispute process with THS and get them to talk to the host about the inaccuracies in their listing.

I’d also consider posting details about the sit in the THS Facebook group, which THS doesn’t run, to see whether there’s any chance you might warn off sitter applicants. Maybe post the location and type and number of pet, without revealing the host’s name. Then if sitters realize they might be applying for that sit, they can ask more probing questions.


… the way you get sits is to have the Home Owner leave positive reviews and the Sitters leave positive reviews … I would really like to leave a heads-up for other sitters EYES ONLY… these HO’s are not giving accurate descriptions of their pets behaviour and homes condition or expectations … but you put negative info in reviews and you don’t get the sits you want because nobody wants to acknowledge issues-problems-inaccuracies

@Jenny is there an update on this request to the product team please ?
First requested 27 March


Hello @Silversitters They were shared by @Lassie after your request:


26 Apr

Here you go.

@Carla these are the sitter’s ones reviewing a homeowner which @Lassie kindly posted .

What was initially requested is what a homeowner is asked when they review a sitter ?

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There are no prompts or suggestions for when HOs review sitters. This is all we get for each category. It’s strange that sitters have prompts, but not the homeowners


Thanks @Lassie for answering that question .
Another inconsistency between sitters and homeowners .


@Silversitters Ah thank you for pointing that out, I got that mixed up! I will pass the feedback to the team about the inconsistencies. Thank you & Thank you @Lassie for sharing those additional screenshots! :smiling_face:

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