New sitters application with reference reviews and hang-out only

Thank you for your email. I appreciate It.

Thank you

Not sure where the policy is in Ts & Cs @Myka but if you use the soy glass on the forum there are some huge threads discussing it that you can read :raised_hands:t3:


When we sit, the pets get our complete attention, the odd time we may leave them for an hour or two, but only after exercise first (dogs).
I’m sure the vast majority of sitters who respond in these forums are pretty much the same so have hope you will get sitters of that style.

@Myka the 5 applicant policy was introduced summer of 2022. It used to be the case that as many applicants as wished could apply for a sit but now it is limited to 5 at a time. Once you have reached 5 applicants THS will pause your listing so no one else can apply. This is is to encourage you to choose an applicant from those 5 or reject one, or more to create space for new applicants. You will have to manually ‘unpause’ your listing to open it up for more applicants.


Thank you for your insight.

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