New to Community Forum

Hi, My name os Gloria from California. I am so interested in the varied topics.

Hi Gloria welcome to our Community Forum we look forward to getting to know you better, thank you for joining us from California.

Hello fellow members. Thank you for allowing my membership. I’m excited to learn from each of my fellow sitters the ins and outs of such an important position.
I’m interested in sitting for anyone on the US including Porta Rico.
Im a native Texan and live on a beach in far south TX.
I’m available year round including holidays. I’m looking for positions that would possibly allow myself and my dog and long term boyfriend.
We are both industrious and always leave our assignment better than we found them.
We have a RV and can stay in it or the owners home whichever they prefer.
We are willing to have criminal records ran on us as well as drug testing.

Please contact us to discuss details on who we are and what we have to offer.