New to this after returning to the USA!

Hello my name is Laurie. I just moved back to the USA after living abroad in Australia for the last 28years! I went to have a look around for a year in 1994. After getting married, studying Alternative Medicine and raising two wonderful sons into adulthood, I finally have the opportunity to be back in the USA to catch up with lifelong friends, family and working on a passion project. This was the first door that I opened so I will see what transpires!

If anyone has any tips please reach out!


Welcome @Serenity2022 Have you joined THS as a sitter member? This is a good time to do that as sitters are in demand right now. Read all you can on the forum, It’s a great resource. I hope you enjoy this next chapter of your life!

Hello Laurie (@Serenity2022)

House and pet sitting is the best door many of us have ever opened so as you step through we are all here to welcome you on the other side!

It must be amazing to return to your home country after so long … what’s the biggest change you’ve experienced that surprised you?

I can see you are part way through creating your account so if you need any help with that please do reach out to membership support at – the team is there to help guide our new members through the registration process.

On the other hand, the forum is a wonderful resource for new members and you’ll find a wide range of topics here to help you get your profile created and house sit applications underway! You can use the search facility (the little spyglass icon top right) to search for keywords to find topics that might help you. But… if you don’t find an answer, please add a topic and our helpful, friendly forum members will always try to help.

As @mars indicates, this is the best of times to get started, as the resurgence of travel (and pet ownership through the pandemic) means there are lots of great sits, especially in the US.

There are a number of tools to help you find your house sits when ready, including the ability to set up “saved searches” so that you receive notifications of new house sits according to your search criteria. Have you downloaded the app? Many of us find this an easy way to browse and view house sits, and you can set up instant notifications.

As well as the forum, we have an extensive blog full of helpful guides. I’m linking a few here that you may find useful as a new member:

That should give you a few helpful pointers but remember, our forum members, many of whom have been sitters for many years, will always be here to give you feedback.

We look forward to following your house sitting journey!

All the best
Vanessa and the forum team

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Wow what a story! It must be fantastic to be back in the US after so many years. But won’t you miss Oz now?
Becoming a housesitter is one of the best things I’ve done in life, the other was running in the London Marathon. You’ll love it I’m sure, so good luck with your future ventures.