New To TrustedHousesitters Miss Anne From Boise, Idaho

I am a new to Trusted House Sitters. I was researching protocols for customers who may cancel their engagement and what you should charge in order to compensate for jobs that you might have otherwise have booked. In my research I came across Trusted House Sitters and decided to join because it sounded like me…“Trustworthy”.

I live in Boise, Idaho having moved from Bainbridge Island, Washington. I have been pet sitting for a year in Boise, Eagle, and Hidden Springs, Idaho. I have several regular clients and love house/pet sitting more that anything I have ever done.

In 1992 I earned a degree in microbiology from Central Washington University. I retired from a career in medical sales some time ago. I am very conscientious about our current predicament with the pandemic and respect your space as I would have you respect mine.

My passions are: Art, Design, Baking, Family, Hiking, Reading, Writing, and Web Surfing.

Teresa Pierce - Australian Shepards


Hi, I am Miss Anne and just joined also. I am trying to figure out how to post my profile. Is that what I am supposed to do? I uploaded my photo so I thought. that is also where I would greet everyone and introduce myself. I feel awkward about these “Blogs” I have never done one before. Also I read all the rules but did not see a spot for “Agreeing” to it.

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HI @MIssAnne and welcome. On the forum you need to keep in mind that sometimes people are referring to the THS website, where you must be a member to post your profile. Others are referring to on the forum - open to everyone - where you do not need to be a THS member. Those who are members on the THS site can link their THS sitter profile or house sit listing from the THS website to the forum here.

If I’ve made things even more confusing, please ask. On the forum you can also message someone directly. To do that, click on their forum username and then on the green message on the right.

Please note that, unlike your private business, sitters on THS cannot charge for the sit.