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As an H/O I have only needed two sits so far and both were done by the same person, Gavin, who is a dog/animal lover, he’s has no home as he sold it to start and support his business (and yes I checked!) and I trust him with my dogs 150%
The difficulty is, sadly animals cannot speak, so who knows what goes on after the H/O has left for their holiday. A big teller for me was when my son forgot that we were away and turned up out of the blue at our house, he subsequently told me that the dogs were totally relaxed around Gavin and were having a great time, to me, that was a priceless comment.
Yes, I believe I live in a nice warm, comfortable ,clean home, we try to assist Gavin in any way we can. He can arrive early and leave late if needs be and that would apply to any sitter.
We did have one applicant who commented that they didn’t cook and usually ate takeaway and that they would be very happy to look after my “girls”. It was blatantly obvious they hadn’t read the sit details properly, as I have a girl and boy dog and we are located in the countryside where getting takeaway or takeaway deliveries becomes a mission!
Feedback can be a difficult thing and human nature can make us less able to be critical, for fear of reprisals or nasty replies. I gave Gavin 5* both times, did he find all the dog flowers on the lawn? No! Is that a deal breaker? Certainly not!
I realise that there are a lot of people struggling financially at the moment and the thought of staying in someone else’s home that’s free, could be a massive attraction.
I guess as H/O’s, we have to learn to ask more questions of our sitters, harsh though it may sound, these people want to look after your family, would you trust them with your child? If not, why trust them with your pets?
The trouble is, if you have dates that need to be filled and you only get one applicant its needs must………

P.S. I did use the correct terminology for a female dog but was then informed by a pop up, that the word is not allowed. I find that amazing considering we’re on pet house sitter website😂


So, there are a few comments in this thread I’d like to reply to, but I’ll just throw everything into one for ease of reading.
First, I’d like to just quickly correct the quote in the first message, as it states the headline is “I’m a homeless looking for a palace ” when in fact it says “I’m a homeless guy looking after a palace!” These are different statements as one implies he’s in search of a grand place to stay when in fact he’s simply stating that the place he is currently looking after is nice. We need to be careful when quoting things to keep them in their original state.

As someone who is homeless and does sitting nearly full time, I’ve definitely stayed in some really jaw-dropping places. I’ve also stayed in more modest places. My reasons for sitting are varied but do include wanting to care for pets during my travels and wanting to stay somewhere homey (i.e. not a hotel or airbnb) and wanting to save some money by trading my animal care services for a nice place to stay. It doesn’t have to be one or the other, it can be both (or all!).

I agree that articles like this will bring in a group of people who may sign up for the wrong reasons. And it does mean that HOs will have some extra work on their hands weeding out applicants and unpausing their listings until they find someone they mesh with. That is frustrating.

I do take some umbrage with the idea that “homeless” people are somehow less trustworthy than those with a fixed address. As a sitter whose “address” is in the United States, I had to fill out quite an extensive background check to be considered verified for Trusted. I also have references, reviews, an Instagram dedicated to our petsitting adventures, etc etc. If I were to wreck someone’s home and disappear into the night as some are suggesting, I would lose not only my credibility, but my lifestyle of housesitting through this site. This site is based on trust, which I have built through the years. That is what I bring to the table over some of the new people who will flock to the site in search of free holiday homes or crash pads. Some of whom, I might add, will have fixed addresses. If a HO chooses not to pick us because we don’t have a home, that’s fine. It is their loss. But I truly hope those same people aren’t begging for a last minute sitter because they’ve discounted a very large community of people who use this site as way of life.

That’s my two cents…well more like five cents really.


I did not pay attention between to look after and look for , not understanding the difference, i’m not english

This is another article (about us) also published this week, where house sitting gets a much fairer & more balanced rap on why lots of us live this colourful life. Just thought I’d share……everyone has their reason for sitting and journos love an embellished story. By total chance two of the Guardian stories are friends of friends and love this life too :+1:


Hi CoolCatAunt, you’d be welcome in my home anytime, but I think, perhaps your handle indicates you prefer cats? :blush:


Very well said. There are all types of people who use THS and it’s up to the pet parent to decide who is the best fit for their pets, home and garden. To discard a certain group is full hardy but it is their choice.
I have no doubt that there will be an influx of people looking for cheap holidays or inexpensive accommodation who know nothing about animals and have no interest in them. Some may talk a good story. I actually feel quite sorry for the pet parents trying to fathom who is genuine and who is not. This could become messy.
But then, would you take onboard the care of multiply animals and someone’s else’s beautiful home if you hadn’t a clue?


“I’m a homeless guy looking after a palace” - The Journalist’s Title, Not The Sitters

Meet the “Guy looking after the palace” and his partner. Excellent sitters who gave a very balanced, informed and credible live interview on GBNews this morning, clearly describing the what and why of their housesitting motivation. This interview came off the back of the press article …


Thank you.
I am also location independent by choice.
I am a free, independent, self empowered woman who happens to love the life I have chosen. Never feel the need to defend or explain myself to anyone anymore.


Thanks Sally! And we sit for all types of animals! One of our favourite sits of the year was for a dog. :relaxed:


Well if ever you are in the UK perhaps we can work something out (via trusted house sitters, of course):blush:


@Amparo ‘location independent’ sounds so much cooler than ‘homeless’! My husband and I have been ‘location independant’ for 10 years- by choice- and for the last 4 years also housesitters. We love the freedom we have and housesitting has brought us so many adventures! Since last December we seem to have become fulltimers! Not planned- just how life is unfolding for us. Looking forward to Christmas in Singapore with 2 adorable little doggies in a lovely villa with pool! :sunglasses: Feeling blessed :pray:


Words always get in the way. We use our subjective interpretations to give meaning to things without exploring further.
And me, I’m just an explorer going further and further.
Enjoy yourselves.
Live like nobody’s watching :raised_hands:


I couldn’t agree more. Being a great sitter is about who you ARE, not if you have own a home (I cringe at the word “homeless”). As a HO and a sitter on this site, I would really appreciate a change to the current review and feedback system. There is so much concern about backlash to posting something negative, that one has to question the vaiidity of all the reviews. Others have commented on “weeding out” sitters but that will take much longer under the current system. All this to the detriment of great sitters, stellar home owners and ultimately, to the THS company itself. PLEASE make a change - for the benefit of this community!


Don’t hold your breath - Somebody high in THS towers is so blinkered that they can not see that nothing looks more fake than a system with thousands of 5-star reviews but trying to find a 1,2,3, or 4-star review is like looking for a needle in a haystack.
I love THS but their review system is a joke. I would be embarrassed to tell anyone that I have all 5-star reviews - it’s a bit like telling someone that you have a nose and expecting them to be impressed.

This thread was started in April 2021 -


I think with 4 stars a HO might not even consider a HS. We only got 4 star once in a subcategory (I think “organization”, because we forgot an item when we left and had to pick it up a few minutes later). We were bummed out and it really adds to our feeling that we need to be absolutely perfect in every respect.


Hey all - I’m the guy in the article as well as in the GBN interview. Thought I’d pop in and say hi! Megan (my partner) and I share this thread’s sentiment - we’re in this for the pets and the lifestyle. “Escaping” the cost of living crisis and gaining savings is undeniably a fantastic bonus, and was quite frankly somewhat of an afterthought when we first got into house sitting.

Journalists will be journalists and the clicks make them the money!


@Timmy I know what you mean. We once(!) got 4 stars in one sub category and it still hurts a bit! And the email you receive from THS doesn’t say “well done on your 5-star review”, it just says “you’ve received a review”. Yikes!


Hi @WoodyWoodsta. Thanks for joining us and letting us know more of your backstory. Like you and Megan, many of us here in the forum are location independent, and we pet sit for the love of spending time with pets, not because we can’t afford to pay for a place to live.

I’ve never been interviewed by a journalist, but I can imagine what one says and the resulting slant or spin put on it by the media can be quite different. Thanks for confirming that for us.


Hi everyone the review system is on the Product roadmap for 2023.

This is a reoccurring and important topic of conversation and as previously explained, a very complex piece of work. Please be assured that our member’s feedback, ideas and suggestions have all been logged and noted.

Meanwhile we would really appreciate members keeping this thread on topic which is: “New types of sitters ? Another article on pet sitting”

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