New with questions about family sits

Hi there,

I’m considering joining and have a couple of questions. Can families house/pet sit or is it just an individual? Also, if I’m house sitting, can I bring a friend with me who is also part of this company or is it based on the home owners? Thanks so much!

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Many couples and families are sitting. If you browse through the sitters, you will see that there are all types of combos. As for bringing a friend, that would be something to discuss with the homeowners for a particular sit. Some homeowners are more flexible than others. The answer to lots of these types of questions is, “Yes, you can do it.” But you will be shrinking the pool of sits with which you match.


Hi @C83 I housesit with my husband and sons (age 13 and 11 - old enough to be helpful). Occasionally it is just me and my sons. Not every sit is suitable for families, but plenty are.


Hi! Our family has been successfully pet sitting on the site for 2 years. We have racked up dozens of 5-star reviews and are pretty in-demand. We often have owners proactively reach out, which we unfortunately have to turn down because we are already booked out pretty far!

We started when our children were 8 & 6 and just like all newer sitters (families or individuals), the best way to build our profile was with shorter/local sits where we could offer to meet the owners in person prior to the start.

I always make sure to highlight ways our kids add value in our initial applications - extra people to love on their pets, matched stamina for fetch-loving dogs, smaller/softer approach for more timid cats, etc. They have both grown up around animals and we often foster rescue cats & dogs, so they are well-versed in reading animal body language and respecting boundaries. It’s super helpful to mention any experience or strengths children can bring to the sit. Obviously, some sits will still not be the right fit, and we are always understanding and respectful of that.

We are also owners on the site with 5 of our own pets (lots of foster fails). We have had many sitters apply who pet sit with their friend / roommate. It definitely helps when they both have profiles on the site with references & reviews, so we can be confident that both people are capable, respectful sitters. We also insist on video calls with everyone who will be staying in our home before confirming a sit. Ultimately, it is always up to the home owner which sitter(s) they feel is the best fit - whether it be a family, couple, individual, or friends.


Fabulous details, @Mal and thank you! I can speak from experience that you and your family are not only loving, compassionate people but the care you give our girl :paw_prints:and home is incomparable.

It does come down to personal preferences and communication. Right now I am on a sit with 3 dogs, one cat and 4 chickens and the owners required a couple. So my husband has joined me on this one (and several others.) It’s wonderful to have assistance picking oranges, avocados and harvesting fresh eggs :yum: No violins, please :heart_eyes:


Welcome to the Forum @C83 ! As you see from responses here, each situation is unique between owners and potential sitters. The more details you can provide in your listing, the more chances it will be a successful venture.

Here is a great outline of ways to enhance your experience once you’re ready. Top tips for first-time house sitters | And something else you might consider is adding your profile in your listing How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile for higher visibility.

The world is your oyster - so many wonderful pet loving people to meet and places to go. We look forward to seeing your successes and should you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. This is a vast and supportive community.

Karen S and the Forum Team


We always LOVE our time with your amazing girl :two_hearts:


Thanks so much for the tips! Really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Thanks so much! That makes total sense and glad you had a fun time with your husband!

Thanks so much for the details. Really helpful. My kids are 9 &6 and LOVE animals of all kinds. They would be soooo happy to house sit if given the chance :slight_smile:


Thank you!

Thanks so much for that!