New York meetup November 23rd 3pm

Hi All,

I am in New York on a Sit in a few weeks’ time and wondered if anybody was keen to meetup.

Thanks, Ben

New York Meetup
23rd November 2022
@3 p.m.

Boris & Horton
195 Avenue A,
New York,
NY 10009


Just looked up Boris & Horton … NYC’s first dog friendly cafe! What a great location… “the happiest place on earth!!”

@ExploreDreamDiscover are you around for this?


@Vanessa-ForumCMgr no I’m in NYC for Christmas 12/23 - 12/30. I’m sitting near Sacramento, CA during Thanksgiving. :smiley_cat:

@Ben-ProductManager I want to go there just to hang with the furballs. They look pretty happy! :slight_smile:

Hello :wave:

Is anyone free for a NY meetup from the 19th - 23rd?

Opportunity to meet myself, a product manager at Trusted Housesitters and an active Owner & Sitter on the platform, it would be great to meet some of you who are actively using the platform.

Many Thanks, Ben

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I would be interested if timing worked out! Brooklyn homeowner here. Not available the 19th or afternoon of the 23rd, but potentially other days/times.

Hi @emilycats

I am on a Sit in Brooklyn Heights :cat:
How about a meetup in Brooklyn in the afternoon of the 22nd?

Thanks, Ben

I could meet later in the afternoon on the 22nd, maybe 2:30 or so? Forte Green or Clinton Hill? There’s a nice park and lots of coffee shops around.

This dog cafe looks amazing! I definitely have to visit it next time I’m in NYC!

Hi @emilycats shall we meet at Forte Green La Bicyclette Bakery on the 22nd at 2:30?

Will also get in touch with a couple of other members to see if they can meetup

Thanks, Ben

That place closes at 1pm, but how about Coffee Project in Fort Greene? (78 Rockwell Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11217) Dining area is open until 4:30, various options for food + drink.

@emilycats sounds like a plan. See you then :grin:

Not available for a meetup as we are getting ready to go out of town on Thursday and are preparing for our petsitter’s arrival! But I am a lifelong NYer, so if you need to know about any offbeat attractions, interesting historical sites, etc, feel free to message me.

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Hi @emilycats thank you for meeting me yesterday, was great to catch up and to hear about your experience on Trusted Housesitters



Thanks for organizing it! Always happy to chat about my experiences and also meet more folks in the community.

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