Newbie: Would welcome a critical eye over listing

Never used the site before so I’m feeling my way around.

I was concerned about creating my listing and whether it would appeal to anyone, but I’ve got it finished and I’m hoping a few experienced folk will give it the once-over. I think maybe I wrote too much. (listing link in profile)

I still have a lot to do. I haven’t started the Welcome Guide yet. I’ve done lots of reading here in the forum though.


Your listing looks great. I would make a few changes:

  1. Use a photo of a cat as the primary photo. The one of the cat in the washing machine is adorable and much more attractive than the photo of the building.
  2. use the headline to grab attention. No need to say “2 cats” or “York.” We know all that from the thumbnail.

Good luck.


Hi @MamaSarah and welcome. You’ve done an excellent job of creating your listing, and in particular your details of how easy it is to get around without a vehicle is stellar. I also agree with the two tips already mentioned, and see you have a gorgeous photo as your first thumbnail one.

My only query is whether there is a lift to your second floor apartment. That may be relevant for some, for mobility reasons. You may also want to fix the typo, from ‘you love in’ to ‘you live in’, although chances are you give those two roommates lots of loving. :wink:


Agree with the above, it’s a long sit and you have obviously spent a lot of time putting your listing together.

It is still a few months away, but I am sure you will get a lot of interest.

Thank you. I’m no good at writing titles so I took a lead from what other people have written. I will have a think about something else.
I also didn’t realise I could post cat pictures in the ‘home’ section so that’s why all my cat photos are at the end. I have changed that. Bear in the washing machine is definitely more engaging!


@MamaSarah how about ‘walkable medieval city’? It would certainly attract many who would come from countries where the historical aspect of Britain is new to them and is a big draw. Maybe not as much for those who live in Britain though. It’s tough to find something that would be a draw for everyone. If you’re hoping to have a UK sitter, then I wouldn’t use my suggestion. :smirk:


I am good at lengthy texts but short headlines are beyond me🤣
But after reading @snowbird ‘s suggestion I created a new one for my listing.
Before it was:
“Cosy townhouse and two cats look for caring sitter(s)

Now I changed it to:
:wink:“Modernistorical”, cosy, downtown but quiet location

Thanks @Snowbird I have used your suggestion with a teeny addition to highlight that my furry friends are affectionate snuggle-buddies.
I hadn’t really thought about where the sitters would be coming from. I don’t have a target location. I just want to attract someone who can give my two cats the company and interaction they need while I’m away for two months. I couldn’t bear to put them in a cattery for so long, hence joining the site.

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@MamaSarah Thank you for considering my suggestion, and of course you have to give your listing your own ‘touch’.

I fully understand what you mean about where the sitters are coming from, and that your pets are the priority. It’s just that, being British but living my adult life in Canada, I know the draw that Britain’s history has for those coming from North America. York, in particular, has amazing examples of this (my brother lived there) and would likely appeal to many from outside Britain.


Same here :blush:
When I mention that our house was built in 1840, especially US Americans go like ohhh and ahhh, but Germans just shrug their shoulders, meaning nothing special about this :rofl: when there are buildings in the vicinity that date back to 1450 and are still lived in.

The house I grew up in was built in 1812. Outside of Philadelphia.

Americans just tend to go “ooh ahh” and “wow!”

You have done a great job with your listing, there’s nothing I could find that would prevent us from applying if we were free and looking to come to York. The photo with the kitty in the washing machine is cute and eye catching! We don’t expect the welcome guide to be ready much ahead of the sit. It’s possible that some would prefer a shorter description, but we think that more info is better (you never know what detail might be relevant for your perfect sitter).


…and in Philadelphia there are the oldest (lived in) buildings of the Us☝🏼

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@MamaSarah I think your listing is great. I would always rather have a lot of detail than not enough detail (once a journalist always a journalist!)
As a Brit I would find the historical significance of York just as appealing as someone from overseas, and our family would love to do a pet-sit there. Sadly, we are unable to take time off work/school for that long. So I think you are right to emphasise the work-friendly aspects of your home for those who can WFH doing house-sitting.
I have no doubt you will find a great sitter. And I greatly admire your charity work which requires the house-sitters in the first place.

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Hi @MamaSarah, it’s really obvious you have taken onboard lots of suggestions that sitters have mentioned in other threads when creating your listing. Well done! Your cats look so cute and you have presented your apartment well. For me, the more information included, the better. York is such a beautiful city full of history (and Betty’s!) and I’m sure you will attract sitters keen to do a long sit there.

Welcome, Sarah! You’ve already received and acted on some great suggestions. Your listing is just the kind I like to see, with lots of detail and local info. Only two small suggestions from me: comment on whether the house is non-smoking (a deal breaker for us if not), and mention if the cats have free reign of the house or if some restrictions are in place (e.g., can sit on chairs at table but are not allowed on eating areas or kitchen counters–be honest so sitters can self screen) Your first photo is now a real eye catcher. So cute!

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Thank you so much for all the suggestions everyone and I’ve taken them on board. I hope my listing is now much improved and helps me to find the perfect house sitter for my furry friends.

I know I’m looking at dates quite a distance away but hopefully some interested people will be planning ahead.


Hi @MamaSarah and thank you for taking the time to come back with your update following all the superb advice you’ve had from other members. I have to just say I LOVE LOVE LOVE that new first image of Bear! Please let us know how things go, and I hope you get back out to your charity in Kenya very soon. All the best, Vanessa and the forum team

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Hi @MamaSarah, you have written a great listing with lots of information.

It’s good to see a fellow Olio-er on here! My husband and I are also Food Waste Heroes, although we just do one-off collection to cover when other FWH can’t collect their regular slot.

I’m from York originally, although I’ve lived in Gloucestershire for over 20 years. I lived in Acomb, but at the other side, but had many friends in your area. If I didn’t work in a school and have 2 children I’d be very happy to sit for you and take a trip down memory lane!


As @Vanessa-Admin says …

I think we will all BEARLY resist falling in love :heart_eyes_cat:

With Ebony too … :heart_eyes_cat: