Newbie: Would welcome a critical eye over listing

The picture of bear is so adorable :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Here’s a hi from a fellow machine addict, but his is the dryer :rofl:
He says it must be a spaceship, because its loud, its made of metal and he is not allowed to be inside when the door is closed, because they fear he is going to fly away.


Aw, you’re all being so nice about my furry friends. I’m totally biased but I think they’re gorgeous too!

Ebony is a gentle senior lap cat and Bear is mischief and trouble (but very cute so he gets away with it all)! I’ve had Ebony since she was 8 weeks old and Bear from about 4 weeks. Bear was supposed to just be a foster baby but he was only with me a week before I decided he wasn’t going to be rehomed.

@Debbie what a small world! I’ve just finished up a FWH collection for tonight: lots of bananas and orange juice.


I think you did a great job. The only picture I would take down is the one that’s the close-up of the black cat it’s a little blurred with the green I up close. You have enough good ones of him

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Huge thanks everyone. I can’t believe so many strangers could be so kind to help me out with my listing. I’m delighted to say that I’ve found a sitter already! And a lot of people have saved my listing as well so I hope that bodes well for if I need to add some more dates over the coming months.


Congratulations :champagne::confetti_ball::tada::balloon:


Very well done @MamaSarah
I would apply if I had the availability :cat:

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