Nightmare sit

Thanks I feel silly asking but how do I do it?

Got it. I was trying to read the tea leaves. :rofl:

The new process is, a two-week window during which both parties can write reviews. If both write, then both reviews are published simultaneously as soon as the second party writes. If only one party writes, then their review is published in two weeks, presumably to give the other party the full two weeks to write if they’ve not done so sooner.

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From the drop down menu, click on Past Sits and click on your most recent sit. From there, you should be able to write your review if 24 hours have passed since your sit and you’re within the two-week window following the sit.

I’m confused: Does the app show reviews by former TH members but the website does not? If so, have you brought this up with TH? ALL reviews should show on both the app and the website IMO in order to fully inform future sitters or H.O.s of the bad as well as the good. If a sit is so terrible that it causes a sitter to leave the platform that is something we need to know for our protection.

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It is about sitters that did not leave a review. One can see that the HO had them (and when) only in the app.

I have not tried to myself, but of course they are well aware.

It has been like this since many years. The user interface has many problems, they are not fixing even very simple ones. Quite flabbergasting for an internet-based company that was sold for 100 million GBP.

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Hi really appreciate if you can send me your list of 30 questions
Many thanks