No Inbox Notifications on Website

Hello everyone!

I wanted to let you know about an issue I’ve been experiencing with Inbox notifications on the website (I’ve stopped using the app because of its numerous problems). Unfortunately, I haven’t been receiving any notifications in my Inbox on the website. I reached out to the support team, and while they reminded me that I could check notifications in my email (obviously), I expressed my preference for receiving them on the site for convenience.

However, their response was, “I’m afraid this is how the system works at the moment. However, I’m happy to pass on the feedback to the relevant team.”

So, I’m not sure if this is just happening to me, but I wanted to share it with you since I’ve missed a couple of messages due to not receiving notifications. It seems they might not be planning to fix it. I’ll continue checking my inbox every day to avoid missing any more messages.

Hi @Vale I’m a bit confused by this…
I’m around if (EST) if you want to do any testing of your notifications.
We can do DM’S if you like.
If not, no worries.

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Oh, that’s so sweet of you. I would love that.

Hi @Vale, THS are currently making changes and hopefully improvements to the Inbox and its functions which might explain why you are experiencing difficulty with notifications using the website.

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Let me know when you are free and have the time. I am free now, if you are as well.

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Thanks for your answer. That’s more helpful than " that’s the way it is now". Thanks again

I am free now too.

Ok. I sent a DM reply!

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