No review left - is it visible?

While talking to a HO when on a sit, she mentioned a previous sitter who was less than perfect in many ways, yet her reviews that appear on the site are absolutely glowing, so it obviously wasn’t any of the sitters that can be seen. If she decided not to leave a review rather than a bad one, would that be visible on her HO profile?

Hi @gardengirl thank you for your question, so that we give you the right info in the answer could you just explain a little more on the two following points

The HO has given reviews of sitters which are extremely positive, she hasn’t posted any negative reviews. If she had simply decided not to give a review to a sitter, how would other sitters know?

If you view the HO profile in the THS mobile app it shows all sitters, including those she has not given a review to.

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Thank you. I never use the mobile app but I’ll have a look!

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There are a few anomalies between the website and the app - if you search posts here you will see a couple of long discussions.

App vs Website Differences

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Thank you @Petermac for helping answer @gardengirl question and explaining the differences between the two devices.