Nomads verses travel from permanent homes

How do you know the owners chose nomads? Did some owners tell you that or do you assume they went for nomads? Cause if you don’t get chosen, you don’t know which person they did go for, right?

We have definitely noticed that already being in the country is a massive advantage. With the travel restrictions that were going on in the last few years, it’s logical & I think a lot of people are still cautious.

For half of my sits, including the very first one which (from what I understand now) was in the first class most desirable location, I got an acceptance immediately. No zoom calls, not even any messages. Bang, acceptance dropped in my mailbox right away. I was so surprised I didn´t know how to proceed.

At a later stage, I asked my hosts … why me? Their reply was … gut feeling, BUT, the keywords apparently were “working from home - your pet will have company most of the time”

They were also a couple of other sits for which I didn´t apply as the timing was wrong, but even there “working from home” were the magic words

p.s. I do understand that “working from home” alone may not be enough but it definitely helps.

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I don’t know that I’d apply this only to older people :grinning:, but these are wise words and this is a good observation. I’ve learned this many times in life (and business) that just because an action or approach has worked for a while it doesn’t mean that it works forever. When things change around us particularly in extreme ways, (and particularly if it concerns or worries us), this can signal the time to review with openness and a new perspective. That’s a choice of course, but as you say, try and if it doesn’t work, change back or review again. What’s to lose when an approach isn’t working :slight_smile:

We’ve always felt that the house sitting lifestyle breeds flexibility and adaptability!


I agree, same for us, they see we’re going to stay with the animals a lot.
My question was for @Genevere , how does she know that the owners went for nomads?

In my very vast experience as a traveler, volunteer and such in many different settings and societal cultures, both in my career and now in retirement I have also come to this realization. Age really is not a huge determining factor. People get set in their beliefs and patterns of behavior at any age. It is simply just a matter of what they are used to and the belief that as @Düsenzofe states

This one reason I enjoy my travels. In my career as a travel nurse for 19 years, I got exposed to not only different populations of patients (clients) but different cultures within healthcare despite “standards” set by governing bodies, individual facilities, units varied immensely in the methods that they practiced. I loved learning and it was these experiences that allowed me to see that there were many ways to achieve a desired outcome and there was no one right or wrong way.
In the beginning, it was extremely challenging because I was “set in my ways” and had a huge ego because of my degrees, certifications and all that stuff we think makes us important. I didn’t think I could be taught anything new BWUAHAHAHAHAH!
Now I am super adaptive, super chill and am always in the “wow, that’s cool, show me more” mode and I am always reassessing and experimenting new ways adapting as required for the what and where of where I am in the moment yet always thinking and looking at what the possibilities are ahead.
Kind of like Siri, recalculating. :earth_africa: :earth_americas:


:rofl::rofl::rofl: you’re right, of course, but older people have had a longer time for doing things “always” like this.


much harder to bend a mature tree :wink:

Yes always up for trying new things or new ways. Wouldn’t being doing ballet tap and contempary classes and dancing in front of an audience if I wasn’t.definitely a cat lady like dogs but cats always was for me.cats and small children like me not sure why!

Wasn’t a problem before the pandemic to get accepted out with the uk. I have no problem getting sits in the I have said before living in Scotland in can take hours just to cross Scotland.but on a plane to Spain for instance no time at all.

Yes hate ageism in any form clothes for over 50 why? I wear what I want .if I’m judged on my age then I don’t want to house sit for you. Never ever lose your inner child that’s what I tell people.feel the fear and do it anyway.


Could very well be that "In the location" is what’s being prioritized. The Covid pandemic is still with us, albeit seemingly eased, and I suspect HOs don’t want to run the risk that a sitter coming from another location wouldn’t be able to make the sit due to the possible new travel restrictions, lockdowns, etc. Especially if the travel is between different countries.


Genevere, I’m a homeowner who’s a bit leery of nomads, and I live in a very sunny place (Santa Fe, NM). I’d love to have a sitter from Scotland if you’re willing to travel!

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why are you leery of nomads?

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Then why do you reject all the suggestions of others here? That was actually what I was referring to.

So it’s not actually a case of nomads vs part-time sitters: you’re getting invitations but just not the ones you want.

I think it’s time to be less rigid and consider UK sits - you can fly from Scotland to somewhere else in the UK - and we have a heat-wave coming up…!

And I agree with others - your profile could do with some “fluffing” up if you want to compete. Obviously you have great reviews which is brilliant. Have a look at some other sitters’ profiles - if you were a home-owner what would draw you in to a sitter. Ask a friend to help.

My other problem is I don’t drive anymore but love walking getting on local buses or trains. Happy sitting in a garden with pets around or a nice long as I get out for part of the day I’m happy to stay in most evenings as a solo lady don’t venture out in the dark unless it’s a very safe shopping in local supermarkets trying different foods.

I have no problem getting uk sits get private invitations all the time.just not out with the uk it Is more difficult as there are 40 plus applicants I’m not a person who goes out a lot apart from when I dog sit.I’m content with a garden or balcony and a sit in the sun with pets by my side for company.Scottish lady wants some sun before the long Scottish cold winter.I have had two sits this year in uk and two more this month .

I’m very similar - a bit of gentle sightseeing by day, then happy to sit in and catch up with some reading of an evening.

Like I say, the UK forecast in a week or so is WARM - find yourself a last minute UK sit near a beach or with a nice garden! It’ll tide you over until you find that perfect sit abroad. I’ve been browsing and can see some nice ones coming up in mid-May in Chandlers Ford and Littlehampton.

That’s an 8 and half drive from Edinburgh and reading between the lines I think the lady lives further North. As she said herself it’s quicker to go to Spain!
Long time ago a group of us were organising a get together. A friend from London decided it would be nice to make it in the north for a change ………Liverpool?

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Got two in may one in London and one in Scotland a cat in one a dog in another. Was a bit upset about a ho on forum who said she she wouldn’t choose me to look after her cats baised on my profile.and I should change it. Upset me a lot I’m maybe to sensitive .

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