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I withdrew my application for a sit after waiting 25 days for any acknowledgement of my application. I sent a message saying I am withdrawing my application due to non communication. I received this reply:
“No problem. We post our dates as soon as we know them but don’t usually interview until 30-40 days before or after confirming our previous chronological sit.”
Have you had this happen? Who can wait around for 40 days after their last request?! I see several other sits where the HO has been “reviewing” for over a month. I wish there was a limit on how long they can go without making a decision and letting other applicants know.


Such HOs are only limiting themselves.
I currently have an UNREAD application that I submitted more than 2 months ago for a sit in June. It hit 5 applicants long ago. I haven’t withdrawn because I am curious to see the this point. I wouldn’t accept now but I would definitely add a scolding tone to any communication I sent.


There is no need whatsoever for you to wait around.

I have had several cases where my application just expired on the first day of the scheduled starting date. Not a real problem.

Hi @Cathiejob
Yes. I avoid these HO’s to be honest. If they post well in advance and I apply then it’s based on a rough idea of travel costs but those could be completely different a month out from a sit. I also worry about communication during a sit if this is how a HO leaves everything to last minute.


I’d avoid all such hosts, no matter how good the sit otherwise.

Why: To me, hosts who are self-centered are deal-breakers. For example, hosts who post sits without replying promptly essentially don’t care whether sitters can reasonably plan, take advantage of lower travel costs, etc.

Personally, I routinely withdraw applications within a couple of days if I don’t hear back that they want to schedule a chat. Whatever the host’s reasons for taking more time, I don’t need to enable that and I’m happy to let such sits go to sitters who don’t mind.

Note: Even by doing the above and risking false negatives on possibly good hosts, I’ve had no trouble landing good sits. I’m actually booked monthly through October via THS and Nomador. And I could easily land more sits, but I don’t sit full time and don’t sit during year-end holidays.

I highlight that, because the less sitters are willing to enable inconsiderate hosts, the more likely they’ll have to change their practices or risk not getting good sitters. For example, often when I withdraw my application, I hear back quickly from hosts, expressing disappointment. Other sitters have posted about similar experiences. Some such hosts also suggest that maybe I could sit for them in the future. I don’t tell them this, but I essentially have ruled out ever sitting for them, based on their self-centered behavior.


These are terrible hosts and should be avoided so you’ve likely dodged a bad sit here. They have no concern for what might be good for other people and will most likely treat any sitters as unpaid employees.

Owners taking ages to read or reply to applications or messages are a huge red flag for me and I would not accept any sit if offered. First I have heard of owners deliberately being this inconsiderate though.


We only wait a day or two after applying, and if we haven’t heard anything I presume we aren’t suitable for them, just some sort of acknowledgement not necessarily confirmation, but if there’s nothing then we mentally move on to other sit opportunities and remove our application as soon as we’ve got something else lined up.

The only time we are more flexible is where there has been messages back and forth, or when it naturally involves HO’s that we have sat for before who need a little extra time to organise their dates.

Different people are going to do different things. Aside from the fact that it’s kind of impolite not to answer someone’s email, I don’t understand this as a strategy. As a homeowner, I want the best sitter. I want someone who can do the dates. When I find that person, I kind of want to lock them in so they aren’t looking at other sits. I don’t think the people who let the applications sit there are aware of that. I imagine they just think the sitters who withdraw are the flakey ones!

As a sitter, I’ve let applications wait a few days or even a week or two, but usually wound up getting another sit and withdraw. In one case we had a particular criteria – early April, short sit, won’t involve car rental, if flying – short not expensive flight. I applied to one that sounded perfect. I withraw over a month later becaue by that point the airfare might go up and I didn’t want to be bothered finding a sitter for my guys. The sit is still “in review.”

I don’t judge the homeowners. I sit for fun and if the sit that sounds great doesn’t happen, another one will. But I don’t get how the non-communication thing works for them.


We’ve experienced this too, though not to the same extent as the OP. If we don’t receive response or acknowledgement within a couple of days, we’ll withdraw our application. It’s amazing how some pet parents will then immediately message, to ask why!


@richten1 & @Cathiejob - as an HO, I have invited people to sit for me - yes, maybe out of the blue, but they can still at least acknowledge I have reached out to them. I have written one person three times - absolutely no response… so can go both ways… just a quick ‘no’ or ‘decline’ would suffice…

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Maybe the sitter only does limited sits per year and doesn’t come onto THS often for this reason. There are a large number of sitters I know on here that do this. Yes THS sends an email out to state there’s a message but for me these are easy to miss amongst 30 or so other emails I get a day.

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I get that, just feeling less optimistic…

Have a few house sits under my belt and communication with HOwners to date has been great.
Applied for a 7 week sit few weeks back for June 2024, had a 20 min video call with HO last Thursday, seemed to go well. HO was talking to one additional person last Friday and said would make a decision by weekend. Weekend came and went, sent a polite message Monday night asking if HO was any closer to a decision, no response, radio silence. Am I being too impatient or should I withdraw my application. I have given HO leeway with there being an 8 hour time difference, they work full time, might have had a busy weekend etc., but feeling it’s just downright rude of them not to respond to my most recent message by now or even press the button to say my application was unsuccessful. Just let me know either way? Worries me now if i am offered the sit and agree, how will their communication be if something goes wrong and I need to reach them?! Suggestions welcome :pray:

@1964Cath if you have time and are not too worried to commit right this moment, just give it a few more days. It might still turn into something good. If you haven’t heard by next weekend, then withdraw. They might have other things going on too.

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It may pay to have some patience.

I had applied to a nice sit in June. No reaction for 12 days. Then a message apologetically asking if I was still interested and whether we could have a chat.

I replied within minutes that I was still keen. No reaction for two days. Now a message if we could chat on Friday.

They have a little baby, I guess that explains it. And that this is about a sit in June, months away.


We had two fantastic sits last year where I needed a little more patience than usual. At that time, I wasn’t in a hurry for a decision. Both were in good locations, month-long sits, easy pets - one owner was traveling and dealing with a sick grandchild, one was a medical student in her final year…so we just communicated back and forth with some gaps, and eventually (within 7-14 days) it was confirmed and really good matches. That’s why, if you have time, you can wait a bit longer if you want. If you have other offers, you might not want to wait at all.


They might not want to say anything yet if they’ve offered the other sitter the opportunity and are waiting on them.


Now it is confirmed. Phew!

So we talked on Friday, that was pleasant and the last thing that was said was that we would quickly do the accept/confirmation procedure. Then nothing!

So I sent a message this morning, and then the acceptance came with in minutes.

This was on day 18 after my application…


IMHO makes no sense!
With the 5-&-Done system, it means they have maxed their options with people who may no longer be available by the time they go to review.
And it seems discourteous to those who did bother to apply.
But as others have written - could be many reasons for why a HO might not be responding.

So many reasons for radio silence.
If you want the sit, what’s the downside to you to leave it?