Not receiving text to verify ID

Hi, I’ve paid for a membership and set up my profile, but I can’t verify my identity because I haven’t received the text to upload a photo of my ID. I’ve requested the text a dozen times to two different cell phone numbers and from different browsers. I tried the app but that function doesn’t appear to be available. Is this a common problem? And is there another way to verify my identity? I requested support but received an email saying they have high volume and it could be days before they reply. Thanks for any assistance.

Hi @katz Welcome to our community forum from beautiful Victoria BC, I used to live on the Island in Nanoose Bay, near Nanaimo

Tthank you for joining and I’m sorry you are having tech issues however I have looked at your account and the system show both verifications are completed and your profile is live on the site and also show verifications completed (see screen shot)

Screenshot 2021-08-03 at 23.24.33

Try logging out and a different browser.

Again welcome to our community and we look forward to getting to know you and sharing in your next pet sitting adventure.

Angela and the team

Thanks. Yes, I got through most of the process and verified my phone and email so my profile is live. But it said that I would be 20% more likely to be accepted if I had my identity verified. It’s not mandatory but it is recommended. That’s the part I can’t get through because the text authorizing the ID photo upload never arrives. I have logged out and logged in using a different browser. I’ve also downloaded the app and logged in through that.

I’ve still not received a text, but an email finally arrived after more than 6 hours, and I have successfully verified my identity. Not sure what the delay was, but I guess I should have been more patient.

Thank you for the update @katz and apologies for the delay, I will check to see what the likely cause might have been.

Good luck with your applications and welcome again to our community.

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