Hi dear pet sitter and owners,

did Trusted Housesitters changed the notification settings?
I think in the past it seemed that notifications for saved sittings only came up after a while like 1 or 2 days. Recently I realized that notifications are send out right away.

The problem is that in this case there is even not enough time to read the pet owners text. For example I have saved Greece as notification. And once the notification comes up it takes 1 minute until the listing is closing again. I just applied to a sitting in greece and worried that it will close after I finish reading so I submitted even without reading it. After that I could take my time and read it. Recently I applied for another sitting in Greece and the pet owner confirmed that the listing closed again after one minute.

Would do you think about it??

I don’t know if the notification alerts have been changed recently, but in general topics related to the alerts have been been discussed many times. I suggest you do a search using the spyglass up top, you’ll find plenty of info and opinions.

Hi @kaliom

We also have Greece saved as a notification, and probably hundreds more sitters have too!

Myvadvice is, As soon as you spot a listing that remotely may be interesting send a one word ’ Hi’ to secure your spot in the top 5, then read the listing properly , if, after reading, it is a good fit for you send a proper application , if it isnt a good fit, withdraw your application and send a short apology.

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@kaliom The better way is to immediately open an application window (and tick the date box). After that there is no hurry. Do not send anything that you may want to apologize for.

Because when you keep that window open, there is plenty of time to look at airfare, references, etc. Your application may come in as the seventh or the eighth.

@pietkuip , out of interest, what happens if/when @kaliom loses the Wifi connection whilst looking at airfare, references, etc?

Something i seem to remember you recently saying on another thread is not an uncommon occurrence .

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Just sitting at home, internet connection is supposed to be stable. I can have application windows open for hours. Just don’t let the computer fall asleep.

Of course it is different when you are moving, in a train etc.

@kaliom you could also type “place holder.”

Also, if not already…take time to look at listings and favorite ones you like in Greece…and other areas your interested in as well.

How is one notified of an available saved sit location, by email, or do we need to keep looking at our account?

I get pop up notifications on my phone. I also get mails, but notifications on my phone are better for me. When you do a search you go on the right in “save this search”. “Find a housesitting” button >> “view all” >> there you can see your safed ones

As @kaliom says, although for my android phone and my iPad, to find my saved searches I tap on “find a sit” and then tap in the top “where would you like to go” and I see a list of my saved searches.

Id be quite annoyed to get a message saying ‘Hi’ or ‘Place holder’. Is it too much to ask for ‘I’m really interested in your sit, full application to follow shortly’?

Dont assume all home owners are aware of the five applications limit and the pitfalls for sitters. Whilst its often discussed on here, only a small proportion of home owners are active on the forum.

This is the new normal. General search notifications come in several minutes after the listing has gone live and maybe even up to an hour? Popular listings can reach 5 application in under 3 minutes after going live. So by the time your ‘Greece’ alert comes in there could be no new listing to see. You will notice this when you open it and see the same old listings at the top - the new one came in, got 5 applications and closed so shows further down the list after the old ones still open.

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Oh no! , you’ll miss out on us and we have property in Piccadilly- we could put our running shoes on and be at yours in ten minutes :man_running: :man_running: :smiley:

Kettle’s on, @Colin :rofl:

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thank-you :slight_smile:

thanks; so HO can only receive 5 applications? What if none of those are suitable?

Once they have received 5 the listing is automatically paused and you see it as “reviewing applications”. They can reject one or more of those and bring it down to less than 5 then they can unpause the listing and you will it as available again and can apply. Until it hits a total of 5 live and unrejected applications and the cycle starts again.
So they can get more than 5 by rejecting unsuitable ones but a lot of owners don’t realise or they get so many so quickly you never really see the listing as available.