NOWZAD Animal Charity Crisis In Afghanistan

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#NOWZAD is a charity that was set up 15 years ago, to help increase awareness of animal welfare in Afghanistan and to rescue stray dogs and abused donkeys.
The clinic trained Afghanistan’s first fully-qualified female vets but Founder Pen Farthing now fears for their futures.
The charity says it currently looks after more than 140 dogs and 40 cats, and has reunited 1,600 soldiers with the dogs and cats they rescued and bonded with while serving in Afghanistan.
You can follow the Nowzad page and help support their efforts to bring both their 71 staff, volunteers and animals to safety in the UK.


So touching, not just about the animals. I had heard about him before - I think the first dog he took on was a German Shepherd that he was trying to get to UK - but I hadn’t understood he trained the first female vets there too. An ordinary man being a Superhero. Animals often have us be better people than we know ourselves to be.