Oakland, CA Dec 22-29 - Sitter needed!

Dates: Weds December 22 - Weds December 29, 2021
Location: Oakland, California
Country: USA

We urgently need to confirm a sitter to care for our two beloved orange kitties! They are twins and super chill, sweet, and snuggly :slight_smile:

Our home is a comfy, spacious 1-bedroom with a fully-stocked kitchen (including dishwasher), laundry in-building, full-sized bed, and separated dining and living room. We live in a great area near many, many restaurants, shopping, a beautiful large lake to walk around, and more. We are also a short drive away from downtown San Francisco or Berkeley!

Looking for someone to welcome to our home while we are away (urgently)! Thank you!

Screenshot 2021-12-14 at 09.11.39

Screenshot 2021-12-14 at 09.11.55

Screenshot 2021-12-14 at 09.12.04


Good luck with your orange babies! :blush:
I love Oaktown (and cats), but I’m already booked during that time.

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aww thanks for your reply luckycat! and thanks for the luck – seems like we may need it! :sweat_smile: hopefully this all works out well in the end :slight_smile: I hope your sit goes well & you enjoy this holiday season!

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Hi @MirCatLady a warm welcome to our community forum, Simba and Tiger are adorable and will make wonderful holiday companions for any kitty loving sitter.

I see that you’ve added your listing link into your forum bio which will help members find your listing you can also search sitters by location on the site and reach out to them, there are many new sitter members joining every day looking to secure their first sit.

On the website blog you’ll find great articles with tips on managing your sit and listing which you might find helpful.

Good luck,

Angela and the Team