One-Day Sits

Thanks @Vanessa-PartnershipsMgr , I’ve just spotted the one in Kirkby Stephen too

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Hi @BunnyCat I will ask @Therese-Moderator to review this listing (I did find it) when she’s next online. I’m concerned that the date range is later and the homeowner may have just made an error when posting. Direct messaging a team moderator with a listing that may need assistance or revision is always helpful and appreciated.

Homeowners: After creating your listing, it’s always a good idea to search it, as though you were a sitter. Checking your content, and the way photos are displayed, can catch things that are not as you had expected or meant. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Dear All, I wondered if any sitters have done 1 day pet sits? Is this a thing?

If you mean without an overnight stay then that is not within the rules of THS as at least one nights accommodation should be offered in exchange for pet services.

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We’ve done the odd single night sit, usually just to help out a homeowner.

I had a two night sit booked that changed to one night. I was happy to proceed as I wanted to explore the area and the owner will message me privately on THS for any future sits.

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Thank you for your email and clarification.

I’m thinking of buying my Mum a subscription as she will not leave her dog for a day without worrying. I will explain to her and see if she is still interested.

Have a great day!


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