Option to close a topic or set to read-only

As a topic creator, I would like to have a function to close my topic. Maybe if the topic drifts in a completely different direction and should be discussed further under a new heading and/or another category. Also, if the topic is maybe not necessary anymore. All question are aks, and all answers are given.
Or maybe a moderator should do this job.

I have opened two almost identical topics. Please do not mind, because experience shows that it is easier to chew small bites. This is only about the close function.

Hi @StefanK the answer is only staff can close/delete a topic, which are monitored constantly … there are great conversations happening and we will close, such as we have with some of the festive and date specific posts.

There are lovely images of pet members on many posts we like to keep them otherwise it’s like removing an old friend …

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@Angela-CommunityManager I’m not talking about deleting. With close I just mean putting a topic in read only mode.

For exeample, the topic what-owners-have-forgotten-to-tell-you is almost like the topic what-kind-of-infos-you-miss.

I guess the first one was meant to be what-did-you-find-out-when-you-were-there.For example the dog uses a peepad in the kitchen or things like that and the other was more what info would you like. This is where I would like to see some moderation or set one in read-only.

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@StefanK I feel concerned as i wrote the 2 topics.
Some weeks have passed in between (one was published in november, the other 5 days ago) and the answers are different.

I published one in “owners”, the second in “sitters”, I probably forgot I had already asked. Sorry for that !

Sometimes one of us answers to a topic in a way it could be posted elsewhere. Some people introduce themselves not choosing the introduction category. Is it so important ?

An owner can have “missed” for sure, to tell some informations to his sitters, but I can “miss” also my own puppy when I pet sit. Or my husband. If I’m sitting without them…

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Why you shouldn’t

@Provence No, there is no cause for concern. I thought these were two different topics. The one topic so I thought is supposed to be about things an HO should have said. So things that have already happened and were not so pleasant. And the other topic should be about what info we would like to have.

But if both topics should go in the same direction. Then I am with my topic here. Wouldn’t it make sense to set one of them to read-only?