Our sitters cancelled for health reasons 6 weeks before our holiday starts (14th May)

We had arranged a sit in good time, but the sitters had to cancel because of a need to look after an ill parent. I have contacted previous sitters and available UK sitters for the period 14 to 24th MAY but no luck. Slightly panicking now. Any further suggestions please?

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Hello to you both and a warm welcome to the forum. I’m sorry you’ve had a cancellation and I really hope we can help you. Sitters are tending to book closer to dates now so it might just take a little longer at the moment.

I can totally vouch for this lovely house sit as Ian and I sat for you back in 2019 looking after Minnie and Pete… we had so much fun with them! But now I see you have a new addition Louis! It’s a wonderful thing you guys do in taking rescues from overseas. You say it’s an apartment, but it’s so spacious with a lovely garden, over 2 floors, it really feels like a house - and it’s so beautiful!

Other than to say again (as do all your wonderful reviews) what a lovely sit this is for anyone considering it, the only suggestion I have is to maybe mention (if this option is still available) that you have parking permits a sitter can use while you are away. That helped us tremendously in busy Hove!

You can also add a link to your sit in your forum profile to expose it to other members who use the forum regularly.

Have to share one of our pix from the sit :slight_smile: and hope you get some positive feedback and find replacement sitters very soon.



Hi Vanessa,
We were very lucky to have you sit for us, it is great to have such nice pics too!
We’ll use all your suggestions and hope we find someone soon, fingers crossed.
All our very best Rf and Clare


Hi Vanessa,

After approaching about 20 or more sitters, we have now found a couple! Success.
It was remarkable how many sitters hadn’t updated their availability - maybe something for the newsletter….

Delighted it all worked out

Best wishes,


Hi Rolf - I’ve just switched on my computer after driving back down through France from UK today and saw this! That’s wonderful news. It does seem to be taking a little longer at the moment but I am glad your sit is now filled! You are right about updating availability… we will chat with our content manager and see if it can be included in Trusted Times as you suggest!

Enjoy the snowy?? (it is here) weekend and your upcoming trip!! All the best, Vanessa


Congratulations on finding a sitter! Just so you know for the future, the THS calendar is considered not very user-friendly by many sitters, so many do not use it. You can see many comments on the forum about the calendar. Plus, even if it was better, there are lots of sitters who are “available”, but only looking for sits in a specific area.