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I am having a pity party this morning. My own dog has been outsourced to a sitter as I fell and have a very bad ankle sprain. It’s awful being home and waking up without her and having no one to sing the good morning song to. She was supposed to be with the sitter right now, but I am supposed to be in Alaska with my partner right now. But I fell two days before my flight.

Off to see the foot and ankle surgeon this morning hoping for physiotherapy and a brace rather than something more complicated.

Aw @anon42826925 sorry to hear that! Wishing you a speedy and uncomplicated recovery. Keep us updated on how you’re doing, I hope your appointment with the surgeon goes well.


Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear that @anon42826925 & my fingers are crossed for you for a speedy recovery and as @Jenny mentioned, please keep us updated.

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@Jenny I don’t drink sodas here at home very often at all. Maybe a few times a year. I can’t justify the sugar content or the artificial sweeteners so I mostly drink Pellegrino with a splash of juice when I need something fizzy. But I tried Irn Bru when I was in Shetland in at the behest of my host’s teenagers and I couldn’t finish it, lol. Just too too sweet. And nasty tasting.

I like savory tastes and sour tastes. I may have to try Marmite. Do you just spread it on toast?

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@anon42826925 ,

So sorry you’re dealing with an ankle sprain and that it put a damper on your trip! I hope it resolves soon and you’re able to be with your dear :dog: soon.

We have discussed Marmite here in great detail :blush::


I bought some here at World Market and had it on toast. It’s an interesting taste!


@anon42826925 Ouch! So sorry to hear about your ankle, I wish you a speedy recovery and am glad that you have help with your pup. I hope that you feel better soon and look forward to sharing your first taste of Marmite on toast (I would recommend butter as well if you eat it!) The saying in the advert goes ‘Marmite - you either love it or hate it’ I am intrigued to see what you think :smiling_face:

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Marmite is probably the thing I miss most when travelling @anon42826925 (can live without tea, chocolate etc) - it’s excellent on toast (especially Aga toast), under eggs, on chocolate cake (controversial), as an addition to stocks and soups too. During Covid it disappeared from the shelves as it’s made from the yeast from beer making and pubs were shut so no production. Interestingly the slogan is #loveitorhateit :rofl: Hope your ankle mends!

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@Cuttlefish Ohhh. Well. I’m gluten free so no marmite for me. Shame. I think I might have liked it.

@Carla I just learned that it contains gluten so it’s out for me. Doctor took me off 5 years ago.

Thanks for the good wishes. It’s a grade 3 sprain and I’m not allowed to walk the dog more than a half a block or so. So I’m actively recruiting helpers as we speak so I can get her home. She’s not a young dog anymore so she doesn’t require 3 to 5 mi a day like she used to but she is used to at least 2 mi a day. One of the neighborhood dog daddies is probably going to step in and walk her.


@anon42826925 I’m sorry I tempted you and did not realise it contained gluten, maybe we can think of some yummy gluten-free treats to share as I have had many of those as well.

Good luck with everything, keep us updated on how it all goes and I am glad that you have some help :hugs:


@Carla apparently there is a gluten free version of Marmite. Who knew?

What I miss most from the UK is the Skibhoul bakery oceanic oatcakes from Unst. Love them. They don’t contain wheat and I am non celiac so I can have things made in a factory that also processes wheat.


I just googled those oatcakes @anon42826925 - they do online delivery so I’m going to have to buy some as they sound delicious!

While I agree with @Carla’s recommendation of marmite and lashings of butter on toast, another way to eat marmite is with butter on an oatcake, with a slice of cheddar cheese on top.


@Jenny The oceanic oatcakes are soooo good. Really great flavor and texture. They don’t ship to the US sadly. I plan to go this Spring and bring a suitcase full back home.

They wouldn’t be appropriate for a celiac patient due to possible cross contamination but they don’t contain any wheat products which is OK for me.

I’ll have to see if I can find the gluten free marmite to try. I think I might like it. I prefer savory tastes.


I just googled those oatcakes too @anon42826925 and they sound yummy so I’m going to have to buy some as well! :sweat_smile: and as @Jenny mentioned I’m going to try them topped with butter & Marmite which I absolutely love :heart:

Thank you for the great recommendation :+1:t2:

@Sam_F and @Jenny I can’t order them, they don’t ship to the US! I’m so sad. Guess I’ll have to go back to Unst. Enjoy.

The only ones I can find here are sweet and I don’t care for them.


@anon42826925 Oh no! That’s such a shame but it’s definitely a good excuse to go back to Unst :slightly_smiling_face:

Happy weekend from Arosa, Switzerland :switzerland::snowflake:


It’s Burns Night tonight, where we Scottish celebrate the life of our poet Rabbie Burns, and our country! I’ll be tucking into a vegetarian haggis later on (I can’t quite manage the meat ones) and maybe having a “wee dram” of whisky.

Thought I’d share Scottish national treasure Billy Connelly reading the Burns poem “To A Mouse”. It’s in Scots dialect which might not be very easy to understand (even for me!) :sweat_smile:


Time for drinks! Mine are more potent than my dog’s, of course.


Hello everybody! Heidi here from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am new here and getting acquainted with how it works. I am a pet owner. My golden retriever is called Ambar and she is 12 years old and the most loving being I know.
I am a flight attendant, love traveling a lot, I am happily married and I am the mother of three Russian kids adopted four years ago.
Right now I need to work and to take care of my family. But… I will be retired in a few years and I was wondering what to do next. My eldest son will be finishing school in two years. The second one in five, maybe when I am retired, and the girl will be a teenager by then. So I was wondering if I could go away from time to time and continue exploring the world.
I love animals in general. Sometimes I feel I love animals more than people haha. So exploring new places and taking care of beautiful pets could be a wonderful combination for my retirement years.
I am studying to become a translator too… and that’s a job I can do from anywhere. So I am dreaming of staying at a cozy home, at a new city or town, with a loving pet, translating something.
Hope to learn about this activity and to know many others with same interests.