Overhearing someone talking about you

We had an interesting experience on our cruise. In our travels, when people ask about us, I explain how we’ve traveled 17 months mainly pet sitting. As soon as I begin, my wife usually kicks me under the table as she says I talk too much about it. However, people do seem very interested when I do.
We are on a Caribbean cruise and in a tour of a coffee plantation we sat next to a couple at lunch who were fascinated by our travels and pet sitting. Later that evening in the ship dining room, I hear someone a few tables away talking about “pet sitting all over the world”. I turned to see the couple we had lunch with explaining what we do to another couple.
It was a pretty interesting experience and backs my claim that people are interested.


Enjoy the cruise Dan and Nan :heart:


@Colin Thank you! We’re having fun. It was for Nan’s birthday. The back “home” to Montana for about 8 days.


We discovered Trusted Housesitters on a very first cruise eight years ago. We met a couple from England and they were talking about their pets. I asked who looked after them while they were cruising. I had never heard of THS and we immediately joined when we got home.