Owner beware of the pause button

I just chatted with a HO because I wanted to tell him to please cancel all applicants when he has found a sitter. Surprised, the HO asked me what I meant. He had only put the sit on pause.

Thats what the HO see


But I see it like this


This can quickly lead to confusion and unnecessary cancellations. The sit can also no longer be found via the search and thus can not be added to the favorites.
I’m also pretty sure that this was different at one time. There was something about “The HO is selecting” or something like that. This is not the best system behavior.
I have just withdrawn two of my applications myself because of this.

@Ben-Product Do you know anything about the behavior? Is it supposed to be like that now?

The pause button is very useful when you get many applicants and you want to make a selection. Take time to organize a few chats. It’s better to make a pause than waiting and the amount of applicants increases.


@Provence I‘m 100% with you. But re-read my post. The HO used the pause function, and I, as a sitter, see „currently no sitter needed“. That is not the correct information. He only paused his search for a sitter, and that leads to confusion.

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To tell the truth i never saw the pause button facing an ad.
I’ve been surprised a few times an ad was published and when you clicked on the date (on the app for cell phone) to discover “no sitter was currently needed”

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Hi @StefanK

Thanks for asking about this.

When an owner pauses their dates, it allows them to review their applications and stop new sitters applying, which is why it will show as ‘currently no sitter needed’. I am sorry for any confusion caused, we have not had any feedback regarding this for those who had already applied to then see ‘no sitter needed’, so it is great that you brought this to our attention.

I will pass this to our team to see how we can make this more clear for applicants who have already applied.

Katie- Membership Services


Hi @Katie-MembershipServices, I’m sure that I sometimes saw in the past a notice that a HO is in a sort of selection process. Also, my daughter, who is also a sitter, saw that a few times. When this show up? Is there another function for HO beside pause?

@Provence @StefanK
I’m glad this has been brought up as I thought I was going barmy. :flushed:
I put together an application using the app and when I pressed the confirm and send button nothing happened. I had to wait a little while before I could get on to the laptop and looked at the sit on the main site and here it said Currently no sitter needed. I put it down to a time factor and had missed the opportunity of being considered. This morning(29thMar) the app still indicates the sit can be applied for, while in fact it is still in the Currently no sitter needed status on the main page via the laptop. So very confusing. I understand the HO pause button but maybe a slightly different statement could be applied. EG Sorry due to high volume of applicants no further applications being accepted at this time.


Hello Fyfie.

I am sorry for the delay in replying.

When an owner has paused their dates it should be showing ‘currently no sitter needed’ on the website and on the app. It sounds like there may be an issue with that particular sit.

If you could send us examples of any issues like this you come across to support@trustedhousesitters.com we would be happy to look into this. Screenshots of the issue would be greatly appreciated.

I have passed on your great feedback to our teams around the wording when dates are paused by owners, compared to the wording when an owner isn’t looking for a sitter at all.

Kind regards,

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Hello Katie
It happened to me a few times but a member told me once i could not publish print screens of HO ads as it was a lack of privacy. I thought it was public as the ad is visible by all members but he explained the printscreen will be still visible on this forum when the ad will have vanished…
So If i find another example am i allowed or not to send a printscreen ? Only on the support mail ?

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It did used to say something different, and I too find the current wording a little misleading

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Hi @JackieX welcome to our community forum … so glad you have joined and thank you for your post, it’s invaluable to have member’s feedback and the Forum is the place to ask and suggest.

We hope you enjoy the conversation and connecting with other members.

Angela and the team

Welcome Jackie x :wave:

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I’m glad I’ve read this thread - I was a bit confused about sits I’d applied for changing to “Currently no sitter required” but still showing in my list of sits applied for.

I think the homeowner may have placed sits on hold, but it isn’t clear. It would definitely be more helpful if a different message was shown.


Another example today in France. Appears in “new” but when opened “currently no need of a sitter”