Owner can't see leave review field

Has anyone else encountered an issue where the owner can’t see the leave a review button for the sitter but the sitter can request review on their end?

Should add that this sit happened before the new review system

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The owner needs to go into the dropdown box on their dashboard and click on Past Sitters, @B1anca. They should then see the sitter they need to review.

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Yes I am aware but this sit is not showing in that list. The owner has shared the screenshot and I can see the other past sitters who haven’t been reviewed but not the sit I did. I told membership services and they just got a digital shrug.

Hello @B1anca I am sorry that you didn’t get the reply you were hoping for when you contacted Membership Services, feel free to DM me your membership details and I can see if I can get them to look into this further for you. The owner can also reach out to them and they can take a look at the owner’s account and let them know how to leave a review and check everything is as it should be.