Owner Feedback - do all sitters have this option

We are new to the community and want to get some feedback/reviews as a homeowner.

Our first pet sitter says she can’t find where to submit feedback on us. (I had no problem finding the place to review the sitter.)

Is there a particular place to look? Does the option disappear after a certain amount of time?

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All she needs to do is click on her name in the upper right corner and a drop down menu appears with all the options. I use my laptop for TH as much as possible, since the options on the phone app are a little different and may not be there at all.

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Hi @NWRUnner @btee is absolutely correct (thank you) the sitter needs to go into the dashboard and click on the little “arrow” next to her name and she will see a drop down, select Feedback and it will take her to the sits she has completed …