Owner has cancelled over message, but not in the app/site

Argh. What am I practically meant to do here?

Owner booked us, we changed our plans for her and she has now messaged us to say her circumstances have changed, she doesn’t need us and doesn’t know when she needs us. There was some vagueness about setting another date, but now she isn’t replying to messages.

This means the site shows me as booked, when in fact I am not. We are trapped in a virtual prison.

What exactly should I do next? What I want is to get this cancelled, have the opportunity to write a suitable review and then book something else instead, not with her.

What’s the best way to make that happen?

Contact support@trustedhousesitters.com and mark it Urgent.
Ask them to contact the HO with regard to the cancellation - it doesn’t appear to be a legitimate reason.
Either the HO or THS need to remove the dates.
You will be unable to leave a review/feedback as the sit never took place.

Yes do everything @Twitcher has suggested and include screenshots of the messages where the HO is cancelling

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