Owner unable to send a review concerning me

The owner of my last sit has warned me she does not manage to send me a review, as everytime she presses the log in button, she gets "components_error_401_title"

She told me also she has been in contact with the help team and nothing has worked since her call
She insists, telling me this is now more than a week she tries to send me a review and she adds she would like the team to send her review asking the team to do it for her
Is it possible ??
On my side, I have posted my feed back the day after my return
I would like that review published, as now she sounds so furious not to be able to get satisfaction she does not want to remain a member if she can’t use THS services…
you may find her references on my profile
Thanks for your help
I had not requested a review by mail, she spontaneously wanted to send it

I have Dm’d you for details so I can take this up from our membership services side.
many thanks kind regards Therese

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