Owners, don't forget to add these useful informations

It makes choice easier for the sitters (reading all sitters’ posts I sum up)

Internet speed (very important for digital nomads)

Pets : are you sure you did not forget any apart from cats, dogs, poultry? fish or birds ?

Pet’s daily attitude (calm, agressive, dangerous ? ) over other animals, over persons

Pet’s health (disabled, deaf, blind, old, under medication ?)

Walks (in private garden, outside, how long, how many times a day), with/without lead

Vet’s infos (owner’s account ? emergency clinic near by ? far from home, if sitter has no car )

Home location : shopping easy ? close ? public transportation (train, coaches, bus, tube)

Other responsabilities : watering garden, keeping mail, answering the phone, mowing ? Welcoming artisans (electricians, plumbers for repairs during the sit) ? Guests if gite on property ?

Arrival and departure : dates (different from the length of the stay ?)

Cameras ? Inside ? Outside?

And please, do fill up the Welcome guide and check that your new dates appear also on the title of your listing. It’s weird when the ad is “summer” and you seek somebody for february ahead (if you don’t live in Australia) !!


Emergency phone number!

After 43 Housesits, I finally needEd urgently to contact an owner. As luck would have it, this was the only owner who had omitted any phone number from the Welcome Guide!!!:roll_eyes:


what happened then ?

I could not enter the house with the security keypad code I was given. Contacted the Owner on THS messaging. No Joy. Called THS support a 0100 GMT, and no joy. I had driven about a mile from the home to find lodging for the night when the owner messaged me back through THS, giving additional entry instructions that worked.

THS Help Desk returned my call NINE HOURS afterward!!

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Even if you can leave a message via THS, it’s very important to know the owner’s cell phone + his help or kids’s one in case you can’t reach him !!
The owner could have sent the info to you but he did not know either your phone number ??? You had not given him ??
Whatsapp changes life (as long as you have a wifi connection) but for that all partners’ téléphones must be known

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