Owners insurance

I just upgraded my subscription as THS invited me to do so and had the curiosity to read the details of the insurance offered to owners

I think all owners would be advised to read the details on
[> Home and Contents Protection Terms and Conditions | TrustedHousesitters.com]

Even if we pay more now to get this guarantee, when you read the terms, you notice that

*1. Mediation - Owners and Sitter(s) should resolve any Sitter damage under $1,000 between themselves and at a minimum,

We expect Owners and / or Sitter(s) to contribute at least $250 towards any instance of Sitter damage (including theft).

The proofs in case of a damage (or worse of theft) might be hard to give ! If owner and sitter have not agreed on a former “état des lieux” on the arrival and departure of the sitter.

In case of a damage, (or worse in case of theft ) how can you proof an item was in your home if the sitter has not confirmed it was ?

A photograph does not proof anything, the owner may be dishonest too, pretending some painting, jewel (or anything else) was there which was not true.

If the sitter has broken something but denies it was his/her fault, how does the owner manage ? Obviously the sitter must agree it was his/her responsability other wise the insurance will not agree to pay…

I read the T&C concerning insurance and immediately regarded them as quite useless. I have my own insurance and can only hope the sitter has one as well.
In Germany one can ask about the personal insurance, everyone should have (but not everybody has) which covers most belongings (except houses and cars, etc) of another person you might break inside and outside their home. With foreigners this will probably be tricky.

In France liability insurance is automatic with home insurance
If à sitter has no home, then he needs to find a solution.
Careful, i discovered all liability insurances attached to crédit cards don’t work. If you pay your train, flight, hôtel, with a crédit card, then you are insured If you make à damage in a train, à hôtel or a plane. But If you stay for free in in an owner’s home then you may not be covered.
Better to check…
With my sitter cap, i always suggest to send à copy of my liability insurance to owners who select me. All thank me.

That’s interesting. In Germany there are two insurances you need when you own a house. One is for the building itself and the other one for the interior. So both cover everything from fire, floods or natural catastrophes but not if someone breaks something valuable. There the personal insurance would be the one to pay. But not everybody has it.