Owners or sitters, do you share your stories on the blog?

I just discovered tonight (its 4 in the morning, I’m amnesiac) the blog. It’s never too late…
I’m curious : how many of you have shared stories on the blog ? Who decides it’s interesting or not for the community ?
I’ve read some stories, do readers can react and contact the authors ?
Can authors add a link to the blog on this forum ? In their introduction for example ?

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@Provence The blog is a resource for all members and includes informative, educational and news pieces.

We have always welcomed members to share their stories to help inspire other members. We get many submissions and cannot always guarantee publication. At the moment there is no facility for members to comment on blog pieces …

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I wrote a short story about my first sit & sent it to THS without knowing about the possibility of being in the blog or realising that loads of others contributed. I was writing to THS, just to recount my experience. I was almost speechless (yes, really) to hear from Angela personally to ask if it could be published on the blog!
The narrative suffered somewhat from being put through a spell checker, which was a bit weird but all in all I was suffused with a happy glow to feature on the blog! Now if only I could actually do another sit, I will try to repeat the achievement.


I would love writing about my little stories of petsitting. My french native langage prevents me to do so. But I could illustrate with many pictures and captions. I will think about it and maybe share something. Stay tuned, :blush:

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Bonjour Brigitte, votre anglais me paraît formidable, comme le prouve votre message à propos des sites paradisiaques
J’adore lire les anecdotes, les bons souvenirs comme les déboires des uns et des autres. Cela rend le forum plus vivant, plus drôle. Partager ses expériences c’est le but.
Le blog, j’ignorais il y a peu qu’il existait…